WP Incapsula is out!

Incapsula is out!

Incapsula is out!

Hey guys! Following a year of testing, feedback and many months of being in Beta, we are now ready to finally introduce you to a service which we think is about to change website security and performance, as you know it — Please meet Incapsula.

For those who don’t know how Incapsula got started:

The idea behind Incapsula was sparked over two years ago. The notion behind it was “how can we bring similar website security that Imperva, our parent company, provides to the large enterprises, to the masses?” Those who have tried to take an enterprise solution down market will know — it’s practically impossible, each website’s requirements are just so different.

That’s why we built Incapsula from scratch, leveraging all the knowhow that we had while ensuring that Incapsula would be built specifically for smaller websites. We looked for ways to make the service as easy as possible to set up and operate, without having security specialist knowledge and all while providing robust security that can constantly keep up. In the process, we also learned that the deep knowledge we gain about a website, while protecting it, also allows us to make it much faster and more reliable.

Not all the ideas were ours:

This is the time to thank all you Beta customers that have been working with us since last July, to make Incapsula into what it is today. Thanks for your patience, your ideas and most of all, for putting your websites in Incapsula’s trust. We are now looking to expand our customer base, which we hope will leverage all your experience.

Free trial, no obligation:

Your website can get protected as early as today. Unlike other solutions that require long installation and set-up processes, Getting behind Incapsula takes less the five minutes (if you type reaaaal slow). Take your time, try our free 30-day trial, enjoy a fully-featured version and prepare to be amazed.

We move fast but are easy to keep up with:

You can follow us here on this blog, join our Facebook, follow us on Twitter and watch our latest movies on YouTube. We are just getting started and there is much more coming up. New product releases will follow soon, containing new features and other product updates. Try it out, tell us what’s on your mind, your feedback is very valuable to us.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today. We are looking forward to having you stay.

The Incapsula Team