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A Visual Demo Is Worth a Thousand Words

Lack of tangibility has always been a major challenge for all types of service providers. Incapsula is no exception. As a cloud platform that combines hardware and software solutions to provide numerous security, availability and acceleration benefits, Incapsula is not a service you can summarize in a few short sentences.

This is unfortunate, because we know that behind the curtain of long words and technical terms, hides a simple and user-friendly GUI. Simply navigating through this GUI could convey Incapsula’s functionality better than any 1000-word datasheet.

Taking a Visual Tour in a Real-life Account

Over the past few months, we’ve been bashing our heads on how our website visitors can experience Incapsula first-hand, without the need to sign-up and activate Incapsula on their sites.

Making a video would be an easy way out, but a video could not offer the hands-on experience we were looking for. Setting up a dummy demo account was another option, but we decided against it mainly because such an account would have no real traffic and empty dashboards are a drag to observe.

To make a long story short — to offer our visitors an authentic experience with the Incapsula platform, we have created an HTML duplicate of an active Incapsula account, populated by snapshots of actual real-life data. This Interactive Demo now makes it possible for anyone to take a virtual tour through Incapsula’s dashboards and explore all of its functionalities as if they were a real user.

The new Demo went live a few weeks ago and so we far we had good results both in term of traffic, conversion and user feedback.

Today we invite you and your friends to take an Interactive Tour and experience our platform on your own terms.

Stay safe!