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Imperva RASP Now Supports .NET Core Apps for Security by Default

Imperva RASP Now Supports .NET Core Apps for Security by Default

We at Imperva are proud to announce that we now support the .NET Core development platform, securing apps written in .NET Core with our industry-leading RASP solution. Support for .NET Core expands our market-leading, full-stack application security solution to apps at the heart of digital transformation.

Enabling Digital Transformation

As enterprises move toward cloud and microservices architectures, .NET Core will be a platform of choice for many embracing this shift. 

“Supporting .NET Core, the cross-platform, open source, and natural successor to the .NET Framework has been a high priority for us,” says Drew Roy, Product Manager of Runtime Security at Imperva. “Imperva RASP for .NET Core will use our patented, high-performance decision engine which leverages Language Theoretic Security (or LangSec), to protect apps from known attacks as well as zero-day exploits.”

DevOps First

The Imperva RASP .NET Core plugin can be dropped into existing build pipelines, providing easy deployment and security that scales with the application, traveling with the app wherever it may go. Protecting from within the app, Imperva RASP for .NET Core provides unprecedented visibility to DevOps teams where they previously may have lacked application insights.

Move Fast, With Security by Default

Imperva RASP for .NET Core enables DevOps teams to move quickly and embed security by default. For development and security teams drowning in a backlog of vulnerabilities, or those who experience release delays due to last-minute application security test findings, Imperva RASP protects applications without impacting the release of revenue-generating features and without requiring code changes. This allows organizations to release on schedule while also buying down risk.

About Imperva RASP

Imperva RASP detects and blocks attacks from inside the application. Using patented LangSec techniques that treat data as code, RASP has full context of potentially malicious payloads before the application completes its processes. The result? Fast and accurate protection with NO signatures and NO learning mode.

Imperva RASP is a key component of Imperva’s market-leading, full-stack application security solution which brings defense-in-depth to a new level.

Learn more about Imperva RASP here.