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Imperva Earns Three Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards for 2022

Imperva Earns Three Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards for 2022

The Cyber Defense Awards in conjunction with Cyber Defense Magazine recently announced the winners of their prestigious annual Global Infosec Awards for 2022. We are proud to say that Imperva earned three Global Infosec Awards; as Most Innovative for Application Security, Cutting Edge for Cloud Security, and as a Market Leader for Data Security.

Today, there are more than 4,000 (and counting) cybersecurity companies worldwide. Being singled out in such a crowded field, for three categories, brings enormous satisfaction to us at Imperva. Cyber Defense Awards judges determined that only 10% of cybersecurity companies worldwide deserve these prestigious awards, making the multiple recognition that much more exciting.

It gives us great pleasure to see our accomplishments recognized and celebrated as winners by Cyber Defense Awards, now in their 9th year. It is even more gratifying to know that this renowned body of judges believes our unique people, software, hardware, and solutions can help users get one step ahead of the next cybersecurity threat.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of each of the award-winning solutions and offer some insight into why they stand head and shoulders above others in the respective peer groups.

Most Innovative: Imperva Application Security

In its most effective form, an application security solution protects software application code and data against cyber threats. To reach award-winning effectiveness levels, organizations must apply application security during all phases of development, including design, development, and deployment. It is not enough simply to acquire the solution, you must apply it intelligently through the software development lifecycle.

Imperva’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) stops web application attacks that prevent important transactions and steal sensitive data, with near-zero false positives. Imperva also provides powerful DDoS attack mitigation and advanced bad bot protection that has proven to be scalable as these types of attacks have become dramatically larger and more sophisticated.

Imperva’s Application Security solution has been judged particularly innovative because it also provides continuous protection of all APIs using deep discovery and classification of sensitive data to detect all public, private and shadow APIs, and empowers security teams to implement a positive security model. The solution also offers runtime protection that protects applications from zero-day vulnerabilities, freeing up teams to focus on business logic, without leaving applications exposed to potential exploitation. Finally, the solution prevents supply chain fraud from client-side attacks like formjacking, digital skimming, and Magecart. These features enable users to deploy security at multiple layers and protect applications effectively against different types of attacks.

Cutting Edge: Cloud Security

Imperva’s SaaS-based Cloud WAF solution is part of an overall edge platform, architected into a single cloud application security and delivery stack. Users benefit from the best website protection available. The solution delivers PCI-compliant, automated security that goes beyond OWASP Top 10 coverage, with the comprehensiveness to reduce the risks that using third party code creates, plus integrated analytics.

Imperva’s Cloud WAF operates as a secure reverse proxy in the cloud alongside our other security services, with our globally distributed content delivery network as its backbone. After a simple DNS change to route your traffic through the Imperva network, we’re able to inspect each and every request sent to the millions of applications and IPs on our network and to filter out any kind of malicious activity at any point of presence (PoP) in our network.

Different attack vectors require different mitigation capabilities, and Imperva has built cutting-edge capabilities purpose-built for every kind of attack vector, and proprietary client classification algorithms that enable us to maintain the most updated signature and IP reputation lists in the industry. At each layer of threat detection, managed with a single set of policies, all attacks are blocked at one time without failover. We pass each event on to our analytics for better insights and recommendations to further improve your security posture.

Market Leader: Data Security

Since 2020, nearly all organizations with a digital presence have migrated workflows and data to cloud-based environments to develop and innovate faster and cheaper with a largely remote workforce. As more data architectures, both on-premises and cloud-native were added, the number of tools designed to manage data security became unmanageable. The resulting set of disparate tools was supposed to offer complete data security, but in practice did not.

Imperva Data Security Fabric is a holistic, collaborative, and flexible solution. It is not a data security platform, rather it is a fabric that enables what is called a “convergence of platforms” where organizations can “rapidly amalgamate disparate data security capabilities” to secure data more easily and effectively. No matter where a security threat originates, the volume of an attack, or the place where an attack is being waged, your data and the architectures you use are protected.

As a market leader, Imperva’s Data Security Fabric provides coverage across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, protects all data sources and types, across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, and integrates with ecosystem technologies for both incident context and additional data capabilities, unifying visibility, control, automation, and insights via a single data service or dashboard.

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