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Imperva Cloud Security Now Available Through UK Government’s GCloud 10 Digital Marketplace

Building on the success of Imperva listing our market-leading, single stack Incapsula cloud platform for DDOS (now Imperva Cloud Application Security) protection; CDN; load balancing and WAF on the GCloud 9 framework, Imperva has now added more products to the GCloud 10 portfolio.

As the UK pushes for even greater digital adoption on a national scale, it constantly adds to and updates GCloud 10; a hotlist of preferred products and services for companies that seek to do business with government… simply put, partnering with Imperva now ticks an important box on the UK government’s procurement checklist.

Imperva SecureSphere data protection solutions protect databases from attack, reduce risk and streamlines compliance by enabling organizations to leverage common infrastructure, both in AWS, Azure, hybrid and on-prem.

Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) for AWS & Azure provides the industry’s leading WAF technology to protect web apps. It combines multiple defenses to accurately pinpoint and block attacks without blocking your citizens and partners.

Check us out on the Digital Marketplace if you’d like to learn more.