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Imperva Boosts Connectivity with New PoP in Manila

Imperva Boosts Connectivity with New PoP in Manila

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new Imperva Point of Presence (PoP) in the Asia Pacific region with the opening of our new data center in Manila, Philippines. The new location brings our total number of PoPs in Asia to 15, significantly boosting our presence in the region and providing customers with enhanced website performance and reduced latency. In addition to these benefits, the new PoP improves security for customers in the region. To understand the true value of this additional PoP, it’s important to know the exact capabilities it brings to the security strategies of Imperva customers in southeast Asia.

We outlined in a recent blog how not all PoPs are created equal. To understand the security benefits of adding a new PoP in a region you must first understand the role of PoPs in DDoS attack mitigation. When choosing a security vendor, first and foremost, we recommend looking for single-stack solution PoPs from your solution provider. Like all Imperva PoPs, the new center in Manila is a single-stack security hub, meaning it services all the solutions in Imperva’s security platform including WAF, Bot, API Security and DDoS Protection. It really doesn’t matter how many PoPs a security vendor might claim to have, what matters most is that those PoPs offer the technology needed to protect your complete infrastructure when under attack. Growing our global network in Asia makes us even more critical to our customers’ security posture in the region. Today, we have never been better-equipped to mitigate against increasingly large DDoS attacks faster and ensure our customers experience no disruption to website and network operations.

Key connectivity facts about Manila and The Philippines:

  • Internet penetration stands at 68% of the total population of The Philippines with 76.01 million people connected (Jan 22)
  • The pandemic increased demand for connectivity with more Filipinos studying and working remotely
  • Software sales are expected to reach $95 million by 2025
  • Education, finance, health and telecom are the key sectors
  • Faster connectivity has the potential to improve education and boost industry driving growth in the economy where education, finance and healthcare are among the top sectors

While Manila is a historical city dating back to the 1500s it is also listed as one of the top ten most innovative cities in southeast Asia. By opening a new full-stack data center in the city, Imperva is investing in critical infrastructure for a fast-growing and ever-more connected population, and contributing to the growth of the economy by improving connectivity and resiliency .

View Imperva’s Global Network Map here.