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Five Ways Imperva Attack Analytics Helps You Cut Through the Event Noise

Five Ways Imperva Attack Analytics Helps You Cut Through the Event Noise

The maddening volume of events security teams have to deal with each day is growing at an exponential pace, making it increasingly difficult to effectively analyze and process credible threats. As more organizations move to cloud-based solutions, applications now reside at multiple locations – on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment – compounding the problem of investigating security events coming from different locations.
Think about it for a second: your cybersecurity system bombards your team with thousands of credible or merely perceived threats, how do you go about actioning each and every one to make sure that you effectively manage it? A lot easier said than done.
Let’s look at five key challenges security teams face right now:

  1. Security systems are sending thousands of alerts every day
  2. Impossible to effectively analyze each and every event
  3. The more alerts, the more difficult it is to single out real threats
  4. Team growth doesn’t always match the increasing volume of threats to deal with
  5. No single, unified view outlining the threats occurring on-premises and in the cloud

There’s clearly a disparity between the number of threat alerts and how many of them security personnel are humanly able to deal with, which is why we look to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for the answers.
Imperva Attack Analytics takes thousands upon thousands of security alerts and condenses them into just a handful of real, actionable narratives that enable IT teams to effectively respond to each threat to their organization. Narratives are ranked according to threat severity, giving security teams access to detailed analysis of targeted attacks, reducing the amount of clutter and cutting straight through to what’s important. Sound good, get in touch and we’ll run you through it.
Attack Analytics collates security events filtered through the SecureSphere and Incapsula WAF solutions and delivers an integrated, accurate, actionable report of security incidents. This approach equips enterprises with the means to secure applications on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration; without necessarily having to expand their security teams to meet demand.
Attack Analytics cuts through the noise and facilitates:

  1. Improved operational efficiency
  2. Reduced overall risk
  3. Unified visibility
  4. Global insights, and is
  5. Cloud-ready

Imperva Attack Analytics collects data from physical, virtual and cloud-based deployments providing actionable insights into application security across the enterprise estate. It is supported on any existing Incapsula deployment and SecureSphere 12.5 or higher versions.
See Attack Analytics in action.