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Four Reasons why you Should Consider Contingency DDoS Protection

Four Reasons why you Should Consider Contingency DDoS Protection

The experts agree that Imperva is solidly positioned as a leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation. Over our many years as leaders in this space, we have determined that no matter how reliable your current DDoS protection is, there is always a chance that your network infrastructure may be at risk in the event of a service disruption.

To address this inherent ongoing risk, Imperva has created Contingency DDoS Protection. Imperva engineers and developers have tapped into their extensive experience to devise a seamless backup to an organization’s primary cloud-based DDoS solution provider. In the event of an outage with the primary provider, the Imperva Contingency DDoS Protection will be ready to handle traffic to your services and provide gap coverage until your primary provider’s service is restored.

Here are four reasons why acquiring Contingency DDoS Protection to safeguard your network infrastructure is a smart business decision in light of the growing and ever more sophisticated DDoS threat landscape:

  1. Business continuity. Organizations cannot afford to wait until a threat is detected to start worrying about how they will protect their infrastructure which is why including a secondary DDoS Protection solution as part of your organization’s business continuity strategy enables you to continue to provide services to your customers in the event of an outage or other software/hardware failure.
  2. Increases resilience. No matter how reliable your current DDoS protection is there is always some chance that your network will be at risk. With the EU reaching a provisional agreement in May 2022 on the Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA), a directive aimed at making sure the financial sector in Europe is able to maintain resilient operations through a severe operational disruption, it is becoming increasingly likely that operational resilience will become a regulatory requirement for the financial services sector and other industries; as the impact of digital services outages on business and the economy widens its grip. Knowing that you have a contingency solution in place to protect your infrastructure against DDoS attacks when your primary provider is out of action increases your network resilience.
  3. Thwarts/counters opportunistic attackers. Expect the unexpected. Surprise DDoS mitigation service disruptions can leave your network infrastructure vulnerable to a DDoS attack; and cyber criminals may seek such outages as “opportunities” to strike. When the attack comes, every second your network is down can cost a small fortune in lost revenue and reputation. Imperva Contingency DDoS Protection helps avoid this by delivering nearly instant crossover to ensure continuous mitigation capacity.
  4. Saves you from recovery costs. A successful DDoS attack in the aftermath of a mitigation service outage forces you to redirect resources into service restoration and recovery activities and incur significant costs beyond those caused by the outage itself. For very little cost, Imperva Contingency DDoS Protection provides a seamless continuation of DDoS mitigation protection and eliminates the need for recovery.

Every organization with a digital presence is subject to a crippling DDoS attack. You need to be confident that when there is a need to activate your standby solution, you get an adequate response and protection at a nominal cost.

Imperva Contingency DDoS Protection comes with connectivity monitoring built-in at no additional cost to you. Easy-to-read, real-time dashboards help keep you up-to-date on the current health of your deployment so you can be confident that the solution will meet the demands of your services when it’s needed most. At all times, your Imperva Contingency DDoS Protection provides your organization with ongoing connection with Imperva, so even when you are not actively using this protection, it is always available and the solution will work when needed. Customers can regularly test the backup solution as part of a playbook to ensure availability. All you need to get started is proof of an existing subscription with a primary DDoS mitigation provider.

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