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Sending Your Content on the Fast Lane to China
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Sending Your Content on the Fast Lane to China

With more than 650 million internet users, the Chinese market represents huge potential for online businesses operating in the APAC region. Providing these users with a high-quality online experience, however, can be challenging.

Hosting your site in China has significant performance advantages, although doing so requires navigating through complex governmental regulations. Conversely, basing your site outside of the country means partnering with a Chinese ISP, a potentially ineffective and costly solution.

In this post, we want to go over the issues related to establishing a web presence in China and the most effective ways to get content to your Chinese users.

Routing Content with Minimum Latency

Overall site performance—and page load time in particular—is critical to the success of any e-commerce business. We know that 27 percent of users abandon websites having pages taking longer than three seconds to load and seven percent expect it to load immediately. Every second counts for e-commerce site operators.

For enterprises hosting their websites in China, maintaining uniform site performance throughout the country is problematic, as availability, service and regulations regarding permissible content vary from region to region.

Enterprises not having a Chinese government-issued ICP license are unable to base themselves inside the country. This greatly impacts site performance, as page load speed is directly related to the distance between the user and the server they’re trying to reach.

To route their traffic into China, these businesses have to partner with local ISPs. The Chinese market is dominated by three major players – China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile and smaller ISPs are effectively forced to purchase international bandwidth from one of these three.

As a result, bandwidth in China costs approximately 100 times more than that in the US or Europe, an expense that typically gets passed on to the customer. Furthermore, excluding the major providers, ISPs typically cut costs by taking an indirect path (e.g., via the American west coast) when routing traffic to the APAC region.

This means that even after you’ve invested in the additional bandwidth costs, your site may become plagued with latency issues.

Finding the Quickest Ways to Connect with Your Chinese Users

Imperva Cloud Application Security understands these challenges and is continually looking for ways to improve our service for customers throughout Asia.

Imperva customers with an ICP license now benefit from our recent partnership with ChinaCache, one of the fastest CDNs in China, which provides uniform site performance along with quick page load times throughout the country. Additionally, enterprises benefit from our suite of security solutions, including DDoS protection.

For customers hosting websites in the APAC region, we are exploring creative ways to speed up traffic flows to better serve users within China. These include strategic partnerships to bypass issues related to traffic routing and to reduce page load times while still providing the benefits of other Imperva Cloud Application Security services.

Stay Tuned

We are committed to providing our APAC customers with consistent, high-quality site performance throughout China, and will be investing significant resources in the coming months to achieve that goal.

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