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Announcing an Imperva Incapsula and Equinix Partnership

Announcing an Imperva Incapsula and Equinix Partnership

We are excited to partner with Equinix and announce the availability of the Equinix Cloud Exchange direct connection option for Imperva Incapsula customers.

Our customers can now directly connect to the Incapsula cloud using the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX). With this option, applications and networks can be hosted directly at Equinix data centers or in any of the clouds that interconnect to the ECX such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, and other platforms.

“Enabling partners like Incapsula to provide global reach for its product offering is at the heart of why the Cloud Exchange was launched In 21 metros,” said Ryan Mallory, VP of Technology, Equinix. “The Equinix Cloud Exchange is at the core of ecosystem development and partner enablement. The future of the ‘Virtual CIO’ model will be driven through multi-service aggregation and enablement. There is no better place for this to take place than on the Equinix Cloud Exchange and with Incapsula as the starting point.”

This new option offers low latency, a high guarantee of service, and a secure connection for Incapsula customers who use the Infrastructure Protection solution or the upcoming Protected IP solution. This feature complements the GRE connectivity option we offer today. Existing customers can continue using their current set up via GRE tunnels in addition to the new ECX connection.

Please join us for the webinar, “Securing High Performance Applications and Networks with BGP and Direct Connection.” This presentation explains how your company can benefit by directly connecting to the Incapsula cloud using the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

At the webinar you’ll:

  • Hear about the latest technology innovations from top industry experts from Equinix and Incapsula
  • Learn how to address your security and acceleration needs using direct connection to the Incapsula cloud
  • Find out how you can participate in a special offer for early adopters

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015, 10-11 a.m. PT/1-2 p.m. ET



Jim Poole,

VP of Business Development, Equinix


Uri Harel

VP Worldwide Services, Incapsula