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Domain redirection in one click!

Domain redirection in one click!

Starting today, Incapsula allows you to redirect your “naked” domain to your “full” domain with a click of a button.

How can you benefit from this redirection?

1. Faster Website:

As traffic to your naked domain does not fully leverage all of Incapsula’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) proximity technology, a redirection from your website’s naked domain to the full domain will ensure that all the content of your website will always be delivered to all of your visitors from the nearest Incapsula datacenter. Faster website = better user experience and conversions.

2. Better SEO:

Canonicalization of your ‘www’ and ‘non-www’ URLs is a SEO ‘best practice”. As search engines refer to your naked domain URL’s and full domain URL’s as 2 different pages, by redirecting the naked domain to the full domain, you prevent duplicate content and maximize the SEO power of external links to your website.

Activating Domain Redirection

To enable this new feature you need to log to Incapsula Management Console and go to: Settings>>General>>Site Settings>>Domain Redirection. Once there, simply click on the checkbox!


Once the Domain Redirection is activated all ‘naked’ URL requests will be permanently redirected (301). At that point your visitors will be automatically redirected to a corresponding ‘full’ domain URL that will load from Incapsula’™s nearest datacenter, using our full CDN acceleration and optimization capabilities. Locally this action will also be cached by the visitor`s browser to improve site performance for repeat visits.