WP 2013-2014 DDoS Threat Landscape

Report: 2014 DDoS Trends – Botnet Activity is up by 240%.

Report: 2014 DDoS Trends – Botnet Activity is up by 240%.

Today we are releasing a DDoS Threat Landscape report which provides several important, and often surprising, facts about DDoS activity in 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

When we started working on this report back in January, our goal was to provide a recap of 2013 DDoS trends. However, the offenders had other plans. And so, just as we were preparing for the report to come out, we started encountering new types of DDoS events which were too significant to overlook.

With this new information in hand, we went back to our drawing boards and started re-sampling almost from scratch. The result is an up-to-date overview of the DDoS threat landscape as it stands today; a report that analyzes many of the prominent DDoS trends while also exploring some less known aspects of DDoS activity.

Excerpt: “The most common network attack method is a combination of two types of SYN flood attacks – one using regular SYN packets and another using large SYN (above 250 bytes) packets.
In this scenario, both attacks are executed at the same time, with the regular SYN packets used to exhaust server resources (e.g., CPU) and large SYN packets used to cause network saturation…”

You can go ahead and download the full report here.

You can also check out our infographic below, for some of the report’s highlights.
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2013-2014 DDoS Threat Landscape - Infographic

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