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It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month

The month of October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, when we review threats that attempted to catch us off guard, as well as consider those looming on the horizon. To add to the discussion, Incapsula will highlight some of the incidents we’ve covered this year and make a few predictions based on our research.

Incapsula takes web security seriously. We keep over 100,000 websites safe every day. Our operations staff and researchers are constantly on the lookout for the next big threat. When we unearth them, we stop them, analyze them, and then share what we’ve learned with our customers in addition to the broader security community.

Over the past five years, the Incapsula content distribution network has expanded to every corner of the world, enabling our team to provide you with insights into the latest attacks and tactics. We’ve witnessed just about every trick in the book. These range from attacks originated by collectives such as Lizard Squad and Anonymous, upstart hackers working out their basement, and criminal syndicates attempting to disrupt legitimate organizations.

The cyber security landscape is rapidly evolving. Reexamining our research since 2013, Incapsula has seen a 240% increase in DDoS bot activity and recognizes that 61.5% of all internet traffic is now comprised of non-human bots. Currently, hackers are using 20% of fake Googlebots to infiltrate networks.

While there is a tendency to become cynical regarding our collective ability to defend web infrastructures, no one can afford to fall into that trap — it’s what the hackers and criminals feed on. Rather, this month is a way to remind ourselves of the stakes and to make sure we’re prepared.

Our Roadmap

This month Incapsula will be providing tips and best practices through all of our social channels. Along with our friends over at we’ll be co-hosting our initial webinar exclusively for DevOps pros.

To cap off the month, we’ll be publishing the premier edition of our DDoS playbook. It’ll serve as your practical guide for planning and executing the most effective response to a DDoS attack. In it, Incapsula will outline pragmatic steps for choosing and implementing the most appropriate mitigation solution for your organization, instruct how to authoritatively respond to an assault, and inform how to conduct a thorough post-attack analysis in order to develop follow-up defense strategies.

Stay tuned.