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Come visit us at Joomla 1st World Conference

Come visit us at Joomla 1st World Conference

We are proud to help sponsor the 1st Joomla World Conference, which will be held on 16th to 18th of November in San-Jose, CA.

Come meet us there!

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Making Joomla Comply with Enterprise Level Security Requirements

On Sunday (Nov 18) from 10:00 to 11:00 AM, our Co-Founder and VP Marketing Marc Gaffan will host a session on the topic of Joomla Website Security.

In his session Marc will pinpoint several Joomla-related security issues and discuss the platform’s ability to comply with the ever-growing demands of enterprise level security.

Marc’s session will include:

  • A first hand research on unique attack vectors and vulnerability characteristics of Joomla websites.
  • Discussion about the most challenging aspects of securing a Joomla website.
  • Demonstration of how Cloud-based website security technology can be used to overcome these challenges.
  • Introduction of a brand new approach for automating and managing cloud-based website’s security directly from the Joomla admin.

Ebay Town Hall

Venue: eBay Town Hall 2161 N 1st St. (btn Charcot & Karina), San Jose, CA 95131