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Cloud Services: the Foundation for Digital Business

Cloud Services: the Foundation for Digital Business

The emerging digital industrial economy — and its inclusive hyper-connectedness — has become a global engine of growth. And there is no doubt that it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

If you look at our cloud subscription growth at Imperva (105 percent increase year over year in Q4 2015) you can easily see that cloud-based services providing on-demand access to a full spectrum of resources have become essential for businesses that are looking to establish a digital enterprise footprint. Whether your business is born in the cloud or traditional brick and mortar, the need for reliable digital services to help grow your business is clear.

A growing need for cloud-based security

The digital market is growing rapidly. By 2020, there will be 35 billion connected “things,” according to Gartner, Inc. An additional survey from Forrester, predicts that 49 percent of all business revenue will come through digital channels or products by the same year. By comparison, only 20 percent of earnings came directly from digital sales in 2014.

That is a huge growth rate, the kind of growth that can create new market leaders.

Technology everywhere

Technology permeates all aspects of our lives – personal and professional data and apps are the foundation for these technologies. The impact of this digital era on businesses includes:

  • Changing buying cycles
  • Better educated consumers
  • A demand for immediate fulfillment
  • Faster sales cycle (if you’re not ready to fulfill an order, visitors will move on)

Common benefits in a digital economy include:

  • Rapid innovation
  • Co-creation and information sharing between business and consumers
  • Data-driven and data-supported decision making
  • Elastic capacity for rapid scale

Technology under attack

However the era of digital business comes with a whole new set of risks. The scale, sophistication, complexity, and impact of hackers cannot be overstated. Hackers create risks in both critical data theft and the disruption of business.

In order to respond to threats effectively, security strategies must be able to evolve with the threats as they emerge. Leading companies are creating standard operating procedures that include frequent updates and upgrades essential to combat any security threat.

Serving the customer

At Imperva we understand the changing landscape and the needs of modern businesses. And we are committed to providing advanced solutions and support to our customers.

Our proven catalog of security services help organizations

  • Understand the technology behind the solution
  • Transition and evolve into the new digital landscape while protecting their critical business assets
  • Leverage cloud services for innovation

We understand adopting cloud technology is a part of every customer’s journey. We are committed to be a technology partner that helps companies take advantage of the unique opportunity afforded by this digital economy — with a lower total cost of ownership, reduced complexity and more rapid innovation.