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Building on Your Existing DAM Instance is Smart Budget Planning

Building on Your Existing DAM Instance is Smart Budget Planning

For organizations that use it, Imperva’s DAM Gateway is the workhorse of data auditing and security. Today, the explosion of data and data repositories that organizations need to manage – both on-premises and in cloud environments – requires a more flexible, higher-capacity technology platform to execute data auditing and security. The costs of doing things the “old way” are simply no longer sustainable. Organizations cannot deploy more servers, more appliances, more agents, and more staff to manage data auditing and security only to achieve the same outcomes. At the same time, security teams still need to get the job done because the costs of failure are too high. According to the 2021 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach study, the average cost of a breach is $4.24M.

In this post, we’ll explain how to use Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) to enhance your database audit and security solution, simplify your infrastructure, lower management costs, and give your staff more time to work on other mission-critical projects.

Gain scalability without a corresponding resource commitment

Imperva DSF enables you to run an extensively scalable retention and archiving subsystem to consolidate and manage an increasingly larger set of data audit records and security information. You gain hundreds of Terabytes of capacity within a small infrastructure footprint. When implemented in an existing deployment, Imperva DSF removes the burden of storage management and enhances the logging and analytic efficiency of the DAM Gateway, enabling its processing efficiency to triple. Imperva DSF also enables you to reduce your commitment to supporting systems and the resources required for your data governance and protection program.

Tie up less manual labor while improving productivity

Reducing gateway counts allows staff to spend less time and resources on infrastructure maintenance. Imperva DSF streamlines operations by providing simplified administration and policy management from a centralized control center. Automation features for reporting and incident workflow further reduce the commitment to manual labor. Staff can provision systems, update policies, track activity, and get their work done with just a few clicks and keystrokes using the capabilities of a modernized interface.

Actual benefits of a real-world deployment

In one instance, an Imperva customer in the Media industry lowered its cost of ownership for their Imperva DAM deployment and supporting infrastructure by upgrading to a licensing plan that included Imperva DSF.

The company had an Imperva DAM deployment with 35 v4500 gateways running on a VMware virtualization platform. They had 2 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) staff resources applied to maintaining, managing, and operating the governance program that the systems supported.

Based on the improved TPS performance of gateways integrated with Imperva Sonar (now Imperva DSF) the company realized they could reduce their virtualized appliance count from 35 down to 12. At that point, they were able to operate with the equivalent of one FTE, which freed staff time for a risk reduction initiative, creating the opportunity for additional investment return.

It is important to note that Imperva licensing costs are not the source of savings, as Imperva customer licensing contracts do not charge for each Imperva virtual gateway instance. The cost savings came from reducing the virtualization infrastructure on which the instances run, which reduces virtualization licensing expense, and system maintenance overhead. The table below details specific numbers – including labor cost avoidance.

DAM Instance Image 1

See the benefits of Imperva DSF for yourself

The combined benefits of adopting a new Imperva licensing plan such as Data Secure or Data360 (components of Imperva DSF) far exceed any incremental licensing or technology expense. Speak with your Imperva account team today about how Imperva DSF can help you modernize and enhance your data audit, compliance, and security.