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Announcing Our New Data Center in Moscow

Announcing Our New Data Center in Moscow

What better way to close out the calendar year than by announcing the operational launch of a new PoP (point of presence) in Moscow? With the opening of this data center, Imperva Incapsula is positioned to offer unique business value to the Russian market, in terms of both website performance and security.

Our investment in the Moscow data center is part our strategic approach to the Russian market. In a complex political and economic climate where many vendors are minimizing their presence in Russia, we continue to believe this market will grow and are actively building the foundation needed to give our customers the highest possible level of service.

Unprecedented Service Levels to Russian Customers

We are glad to be the first DDoS vendor to operate a dedicated DDoS scrubbing center in Russia. This data center, together with the rest of our global network, positions us to mitigate even the largest attacks with zero disruption to ongoing website operations. In terms of scope, the local DDoS market is estimated at approximately $40M and is growing steadily.

To meet the needs of Russian customers, the Moscow data center comprises our full suite of award-winning DDoS protection services, including:

  • Network layer DDoS scrubbing with 24×7 monitoring and mitigation
  • Always-on application layer protection based on bot detection
  • Infrastructure protection for subnets and individual IP addresses
  • Name server protection for DNS-targeted attacks

In addition to DDoS protection, the new data center will also incorporate our website performance and security services, including:

  • Global CDN for intelligent caching and content optimization
  • Industry-leading web application firewall (WAF) to protect against data breaches
  • Load balancer for maximum application availability and performance
  • IP security to ensure private and secure communications

The Need for Speed

The new data center in Moscow offers several key benefits for local website operators, including e-commerce businesses that deal almost exclusively with local consumers and are extremely sensitive to network latency. If their sites are not highly responsive, their customers will go elsewhere. A local data center brings website content closer to visitors, ensuring the best possible user experience.

In addition, a local data center also facilitates compliance with laws and regulations that stipulate that certain types of data must be stored and served from local servers only, data in government sites is an example.

What’s Ahead?

With the addition of a data center in Moscow, Imperva Incapsula now has 32 data centers around the world with over 3 Tbps total capacity.

To support our expanding business in strategic areas around the globe, additional PoPs are under construction and are scheduled to come online in 2017.