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Always-On Protection Safeguards Your Infrastructure

Always-On Protection Safeguards Your Infrastructure

We’re pleased to announce that Incapsula Infrastructure Protection is now available as an always-on deployment. Along with our complementary suite of network protection services, this new deployment protects critical network infrastructure from network layer DDoS attacks.

In a previous article we talked about the importance of rapid response time and the concept of time-to-mitigation. With our new solution, response time is almost instant, while time-to-mitigation is zero. In other words, always-on infrastructure protection means round-the-clock DDoS mitigation without requiring activation by the customer.

This 24/7 service receives all incoming traffic and routes it through the Incapsula network of scrubbing centers. The data is immediately passed via GRE tunnels back to the customer’s infrastructure. As in the on-demand deployment, all outgoing requests are sent back to visitors asymmetrically via their ISP. This entire architecture is backed by a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee, which makes the Imperva Incapsula SLA the highest uptime guarantee in the industry.

Our always-on cloud security solution is ideal for customers who have experienced repeated attacks on their network, and need a solution that will continually monitor and detect attacks, instead of repeatedly activating and deactivating the on-demand protection service. It’s also well suited for organizations such as gaming companies or live-trading platforms whose critical non-HTTP assets are especially sensitive to any type of service disruption.

While always-on is the perfect deployment model for the use cases described above, organizations that are highly sensitive to any added latency are still better off choosing the on-demand service. Businesses have differing types of applications and traffic to protect, and while some are better suited for always-on, others are still better served with on-demand infrastructure protection.

We encourage you to talk to an Incapsula support engineer to determine which model best suits your unique business need. Leave us a comment or send our sales team a message to start the discovery process.