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New Plan: Business+ DDoS Protection

New Plan: Business+ DDoS Protection

Today we are announcing Business+, our newest premium plan which provides DDoS Protection for $299/month, while also offering a Free Trial option.

Business+ is an upgrade of our existing Business plan and our answer to a growing phenomenon of low-volume DDoS attacks on organizations of all sizes. With Business+ our goal was to create a comprehensive and cost-effective security suite which will leverage our networks capabilities and cutting edge WAF technology to transparently deflect DDoS attacks while safeguarding the website from SQLI, XSS, RFI, backdoor shells, malicious bots and other online threats. The plan will also provision our users with top-tier acceleration features, including our uniquely developed predictive Caching algorithm and Global CDN delivery platform.

Instantly Deployable and Self Serviced

Business+ is instantly effective self-serviced solution which can be used for real-time mitigation against an ongoing attack. Like all other Incapsula features, new clients can activate Business+ in less than 5 minutes, via a simple DNS switch.

Existing Incapsula clients can onboard Business+ even more rapidly, simply by changing their current plan in the “Plan” section, under the ‘Account’ tab, inside their Incapsula control panel.

Transparent Mitigation

Incapsula DDoS protection is designed for transparent mitigation and intelligent traffic profiling. Our mitigation process does not rely on delay pages or any other visitor repelling mechanics. Instead, it employees unique signature and challenge based scrubbing techniques for seamless mitigation and pinpoint (99.9%) accuracy. As a result, even when stressed by DDoS attack, your website routine will not be disrupted.

Comprehensive Protection

Business+ will protect against all types of DDoS threats – network (layer 3 – 4) and application (layer 7) attacks. At the same time, Incapsula WAF and bot profiling technologies will safeguard your websitea and web applications against all other online threats: SQLI, XSS, RFI, Backdoor shells, Spamming, Scraping and more.

Free Trial and Pay as You Go model

Security solutions should never purchased on impulse or when under pressure. With our free Trial option, new clients are able to have a meaningful experience with our security solution, before committing to any service fees.

Even after the initial Trial the plan will be charged on a month-to-month basis, and can be offboarded at will. This freedom of mobility obliges us to provide the best possible quality of service, to make sure that each of our clients keeps choosing Incapsula.

Enterprise Grade Security and Acceleration

Business+ service package comes as an addition to our existing Business plan, and includes its entire feature: Global CDN, predictive dynamic content caching, PCI DSS reporting, enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall and more. (View full features list)

Stay Safe

Igal Zeifman, Product Evangelist