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A New Release Is Out!

A New Release Is Out!

We’re happy to announce our first post-launch major release, with some great new features. This release is all about more website data and better analytics, faster SSL setup and additional ease of use.

More data and better analytics: The most visual difference you’ll notice is our new stats section. This includes many new charts providing a better understanding your website’s traffic, performance and security. From a human vs. bot analysis through a global response time display to a detailed threats chart, everything is now at the tip of your fingers.

Faster SSL Website Setup

If you are a business running a secure website, you probably know that getting an SSL certificate isn’t always easy and swift. From the complicated registration forms, on to the vetting process, this can take longer than you would like. These days are now over- utilizing GlobalSign’s CloudSSL technology, Incapsula is now able to have your SSL website setup within minutes, in single click, without a long wait or a manual vetting process. Time is money and we are here to help you run your business more efficiently.

More Control and Ease of Use

Deciding who is able to access your website and who’s not is a key-factor when running a business. Realizing that, Incapsula has expanded its Access Control capabilities, adding on to its existing Geo control. The new version allows you to sort out users not only by where they come from but also by who they are. Starting today you can tell users apart and eliminate access of specific client type and IP’s by using black/white listings; ensuring that good traffic’s flowing through fast while bad traffic is kept securely out.

Want to try out the new release? Log into Incapsula and you are good to go. Enjoy!

Incapsula is rapidly evolving and we greatly appreciate your comments, suggestions and feedback. So keep them coming!

The Incapsula Team

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