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A New Chapter in Bot Management Begins Today [Video]

A New Chapter in Bot Management Begins Today [Video]

I am excited to share that we have closed the acquisition of Distil Networks, the pioneer and leader in Bot Management. Over the past few weeks, we have been welcoming Distil’s employees into the Imperva family and have started integrating their powerful, analyst-recognized Bot Management solution into our industry-leading Imperva Application Security offering.

 As I blogged about before, automated attacks have become a top priority for many of the largest organizations. If your business has a popular web presence, then there’s a high probability that your applications are being hit by sophisticated bots every day. Over the last few months, some of our biggest customers have shared stories ranging from account harvesting to wild anecdotes about bots used by competitors to buy up specific products and execute returns. Crazy!

 I recently had the privilege to sit down with Tiffany Kleeman, former CEO of Distil and Imperva’s new Vice President of Bot Management, to talk about the Distil integration, specific bot use cases, and how we’re disrupting application security together. In this first of several videos, we discussed the implications of this exciting partnership. Click below to watch: