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2021 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass names Imperva an overall leader for Database and Big Data Security

2021 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass names Imperva an overall leader for Database and Big Data Security

It is my pleasure to report that in their 2021 overview of the market for Database and Big Data Security solutions, leading technology analyst KuppingerCole has identified Imperva as an Overall Leader for the first time.

Imperva scored five out of five for product security, functionality, interoperability, usability and deployment, with KuppingerCole mentioning several key Imperva strengths that influenced their review:

  • Imperva’s integrated platform approach to data protection.
  • Virtually total coverage of the data protection lifecycle.
  • Advanced security intelligence and behavior analytics.
  • Strong focus on cloud data protection.
  • Extremely broad support of heterogeneous data sources.

It’s always great to be recognized as a leader in your industry - especially when it’s not just related to your company size or profits. Imperva was recognized for having: a great product that fully delivers on its promise, rapid innovation to keep up with industry demands, and topping the charts with the critical differentiator of strong customer service and support.

As one of the leaders of jSonar, it was great to see KuppingerCole’s confirmation that the integration of the jSonar unified data security platform was such a big factor in rating Imperva an Overall Leader this year. This fully affirms the motivation behind Imperva’s acquisition of jSonar and that we’ve created exactly what we set out to achieve: a fundamentally new approach to data security, combining the best platform with the best security framework to protect data and all paths to it.

Imperva: A Leader in every category

The other really cool thing about being singled out for Product, Innovation, and Market Leadership are the gains that we have made in such a short time. KuppingerCole explained, “the company’s strong investments into expanding and better integrating their data protection portfolio” since the 2019 Leadership Compass market overview was a significant factor in achieving Leader status. Not only that, KuppingerCole also highlighted that the extensible agentless platform for implementing security controls across any type of data repository that jSonar brought to the Imperva framework positions us to be an innovative force with a future-proof solution. As data continues to become more diverse and threats become more complex, we’ll be there to meet them for our customers.

What can you learn from this report?

Building a security strategy that starts with where data resides has never been more important than today. Most organizations are pressing even harder to accelerate their digital transformation programs and nearly all companies have deployed at least temporary solutions to meet the new demands. Industry experts warn that as computing becomes more distributed to achieve greater optimization and efficiency, the threats posed by cyberattackers are becoming more sophisticated. Organizations are reprioritizing security requirements and should be investing more intensively in database security. Imperva has the technology required to protect your data and all paths to it today. Now is the time to find out how we can help.

Download the 2021 Leadership Compass Report.