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2015 Bot Traffic Report: What it Means for Your Website [Webinar]

2015 Bot Traffic Report: What it Means for Your Website [Webinar]

When planning a cloud security strategy for your organization, it’s hard to ignore the fact that bot traffic represents the bulk of all website traffic. At Imperva Incapsula we analyze bot activity (including HTTP footprints, points of origin, and other technical nuances) to help us build the mitigation tactics to defend against malicious bots. We just released our annual 2015 Bot Traffic Report report and learned that bot traffic is changing.

“What we’ve seen is how the evolution of bad bots directly affects the likelihood of a site being compromised,” said Ofer Gayer, senior security researcher at Imperva Incapsula.

The 2015 Bot Traffic Report represents a statistical study of the current state of bot traffic trends.  Join our in-house experts Ofer Gayer and Igal Zeifman, senior digital content strategist on January 20, 2016, as they break down the report and show you how they analyzed bot behavior patterns at our webinar.

Gayer and Zeifman will discuss the report in detail and look at the state of website traffic as it exists today. They’ll quantify the data and show you what it means for your website and how you can strategically plan your web security. You’ll hear about:

  • The latest bot traffic trends
  • Insights into malicious bot behavior
  • How to defend against bad bots

A live Q&A session will immediately follow the webcast seminar.

Register for our webinar, 2015 Bot Traffic Report: What it Means for Your Website, on January 20, 2016.

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