• 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2015

    Presented by Anthony Bettencourt, President & CEO, Imperva | Mark Kraynak, Chief Product Officer, Imperva

    We’ve combined the data collected from our products with the insights gathered from our customers to come up with some meaningful commentary and helpful guidance for 2015. Check out our predictions for the year ahead and make sure you’re ready.

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  • Cyber Side-Effects - Cloud Databases and Modern Malware

    Presented by Amichai Shulman, CTO, Imperva

    Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers a self-service model for provisioning databases, without the cost of setting up servers and burdening IT teams. However, DBaaS also offers cyber criminals easier access to your data, from both inside and outside the service.

    Apart from offering criminals a cheap and safe playground, DBaaS itself introduces new security issues. When an organization's internal data is stored in the cloud, an attacker no longer needs to gain access to the organization's network before compromising high-value data. This webinar will:

    • Show how attackers are exploiting cloud database services in their operations
    • Discuss key implications to internal databases
    • Identify the hidden risks of DBaaS
    • Re-assess the severity of database vulnerabilities in a hosted environment

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  • Top Security Trends for 2014

    Presented by Amichai Shulman, CTO, Imperva

    The Imperva Defense Center, a dedicated research organization, constantly monitors attackers - and their attack methods - to isolate the most relevant attack campaigns. Based on this research data, the Imperva Defense Center has identified the top trends poised to have the most significant impact on the security landscape in 2014. 

    Join Imperva CTO and head of the Imperva Defense Center, Amichai Shulman as he presents the security trends that will resonate across the globe in the upcoming year. Below is a sneak peak of top security trends:

    • Return of Compromised Web Servers: attackers are now infiltrating networks via external facing servers
    • Rise of Cloud Platform Breaches: long a concern, large-scale attacks in the Cloud are fast becoming a real problem
    • Spread of 3rd Party Application Vulnerabilities: these application attacks are growing in size, scope, and volume

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  • Top Security Trends for 2013

    Presented by Mark Kraynak, SVP WW Marketing, Imperva

    Looking at the security landscape for 2013, we predict that previous security investments made by larger, well-funded organizations will serve as a partial deterrent to hackers. However, those same hackers, armed with sophisticated malware and cloaked in a dangerous anonymity provided by the Cloud, will turn their collective eyes to a new, more vulnerable target: small companies.

    Join Imperva Senior Vice President Mark Kraynak as he reveals the four super-sized security trends that will impact business security practices across the globe in 2013. Below is a sneak peak at each trend:

    • Government Malware Goes Commercial: tactics historically tied to "state sponsored" attacks move to the mainstream
    • Black Clouds on the Horizon: profit-driven hackers leverage the Cloud to unleash fraud and business logic attacks
    • Security Strength in Numbers: business and government will combine individual protection data to create collaborative defenses
    • APT Targets the Little Guy: cyber criminals employ traditional, enterprise-size APT methods to pillage smaller businesses

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