• Tech Demo - AWS Container Security with SecureSphere

    Containers are exponentially growing as an agile and efficient way to deploy applications on the cloud. This opens new security challenges for cloud environments. In this session, learn about how Imperva SecureSphere can protect applications leveraging Amazon’s EC2 Container Service (ECS) and walk through a brief demonstration on configuring SecureSphere alongside applications using ECS.

  • CISO’s Tough Decision: Security On-Prem, Cloud or Both?

    Managing application security on-premises and in the cloud can be tricky. Whether CISOs want it or not, cloud transition will happen. As a CISO, you need to be ready to align operations with future company requirements and to determine when security solutions should be hosted on-premises, in the cloud or by using a hybrid model.

  • Tech Demo - Flexible hybrid cloud application security

    Enterprises are adopting a hybrid infrastructure model to take advantage of rapid deployment of cloud-based services and higher computing power. This session will show the flexibility of Imperva Application Security that will allow you to secure applications as they move to the cloud while future proofing application security investments.

  • Technical Deep Dive: Imperva DDoS Protection - How to Defeat Botnets and Prevent Downtime

    Presented by Sina Siar, Solutions Manager, Imperva | Nabeel Hasan Saeed, Product Marketing Manager, Imperva

    Website downtime from DDoS attacks can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars an hour due to lost revenue and brand damage. Join us for a 30-minute live product demonstration and Q&A with a security expert for an inside look at how Incapsula protects your website from DDoS attacks. During this session we’ll explore the user interface, explain how to easily identify and block web security threats, how to use our global content delivery network (CDN) for instant performance enhancement, and how to gain valuable insights into your website's traffic using real-time monitoring. We’ll also review some of the more advanced features of the service like cloud-based load balancing.

  • How to Balance Ecommerce Security with Performance

    Presented by Nabeel Hasan Saeed, Product Marketing Manager, Imperva Incapsula | Ryan McElrath, Chief Technology Officer, American Eagle | Armando Roggio, Senior Editor, Practical Ecommerce

    Cyber criminals’ ability to attack and penetrate ecommerce sites has never been more sophisticated. The threats merchants face today include automated bot access, malware injections, DDoS attacks, and many more. How can you protect your ecommerce site? Can all threats be prevented? And how will prevention measures affect your site’s performance and the experience of your customers?

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    • What threats ecommerce providers face
    • Why traditional protection measures affect website performance
    • How to protect your website without compromising performance

  • BrightTalk Incident Response and Data Protection Summit: Sophisticated Incident Response Requires Sophisticated Activity Monitoring

    Presented by Mike Sanders, Principal SE and Team Lead, Imperva | Bryan Orme, Principal, GuidePoint Security

    Are you prepared for a data breach? Are you confident you will find a breach in a timely manner? Facts are over 70% of businesses report a security breach and 75% of breaches are undetected for days or even months. Once discovered, incident response teams are under extreme pressure to close the breach, figure out what happened, what was lost, and calculate the risk. Organizations need a sophisticated incident response plan.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to:

    • Discover sensitive data, risk, and vulnerabilities
    • Detect and block cyber security events
    • Investigate incidents and automate remediation
    • Demonstrate consistent policy application across all sensitive data

  • Database Security, Better Audits, Lower Costs

    Presented by Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist, Imperva | Cheryl O’Neill, Director Product Marketing, Database Security, Imperva

    The complexity of implementing and maintaining IBM Guardium or a native audit solution within an enterprise environment can quickly run into trouble. Escalating costs, manularity, and gaps in coverage put your company at risk of a failed audit or data breach. This webinar will share the experiences of Imperva customers who have moved from native audit or Guardium to Imperva SecureSphere for database audit and protection (DAP).

    Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

    • Security and compliance factors that organizations should consider
    • The methods of deployment within an enterprise environment
    • The monetary and human costs associated with each DAP architecture

  • BrightTalk Hackers and Threats Summit: Extend Enterprise Application-level Security to Your AWS Environment

    Presented by Chris Grove, Director of Solution Architecture, Imperva | Matt Yanchyshyn, Senior, Manager of Solutions Architecture, AWS

    When organizations shift to a public cloud environment, security and compliance must remain top of mind. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides robust infrastructure-level protections, today’s attackers target the applications themselves.

    This webinar will:

    • Discuss inherent AWS security capabilities
    • Review attack types that target the applications and why traditional security approaches can’t stop them
    • Illustrate how Imperva SecureSphere for AWS stops these attacks and enables you to use the security infrastructure in the cloud and on-premise

  • BrightTalk Hackers and Threats Summit: An Inside Look at a Sophisticated, Multi-vector DDoS Attack

    Presented by Orion Cassetto, Director Product Marketing, Imperva Incapsula

    This webinar will explore the current DDoS attack landscape, it will cover the basics of DDoS attacks, current trends including the most recent results from the newly published 2015 Imperva Incapsula DDoS Report. We will also discuss a detailed analysis of one of today’s modern, multi-vector DDoS attacks. While dissecting this DDoS attack, the talk will explore the anatomy and timeline of the attack, as well as the steps used to mitigate each phase of the assault. This session will close with a review of the aspects of effective DDoS protection solutions used to combat these sophisticated denial of service attacks.

  • Remediate before it's too late - Stop intruders from exploiting holes in your web apps.

    Presented by Illena Armstrong, VP, Editorial, SC Magazine and Mark Kraynak, Chief Product Officer, Imperva

    With mega breaches coming one right after another, many industry players have registered both disbelief and awe at the sheer numbers of individual credentials stolen. For instance, last year Russian hackers called CyberVor were able to pilfer 4.5 billion unique records, the majority of which were credentials such as IDs and passwords. Reportedly, the thieves took advantage of pre-existing holes in website code to launch SQL injection attacks to prompt web apps to execute malicious commands. In this instance, about 400,000 sites were vulnerable to the assault. But this is just one type of offensive cybercriminals enlist by exploiting well-known and sometimes long-standing vulnerabilities in applications on which companies rely -- even though there are readily available mitigations for them. So what can organizations do to take care of the myriad holes on which online thieves seem to rely? We review some of the more common attacks used by cybercriminal rings, and identify the techniques and over-arching best practices to block them.

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  • 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2015

    Presented by Anthony Bettencourt, President & CEO, Imperva | Mark Kraynak, Chief Product Officer, Imperva

    We’ve combined the data collected from our products with the insights gathered from our customers to come up with some meaningful commentary and helpful guidance for 2015. Check out our predictions for the year ahead and make sure you’re ready.

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  • PCI 3.0 Revealed - What You Need to Know Today

    Presented by Barry Shteiman, Director of Security Strategy, Imperva

    On November 7th, the PCI Security Standards Council will unveil v3.0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). On the same day the new version is released, Imperva's Director of Security Strategy, Barry Shteiman, will deliver a free webinar focusing on the most significant changes to the standard.

    Imperva is a participating organization in the PCI Council and has helped hundreds of organizations improve data security and demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS. Please join Barry in this informative webinar as he discusses:

    • The historic development of the PCI DSS standard
    • Key changes introduced in PCI DSS 3.0
    • Lessons learned - compliance as risk mitigation

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