• Detecting Suspicious File Access

    Our security experts walk through dynamic peer group analysis in CounterBreach 2.0. Tune in to see how to use machine learning to define dynamic peer groups, detect suspicious file access behavior, and dynamically manage access permissions.

  • BrightTalk Defend Against Attacks from the Inside

    Presented by Carrie McDaniel, Product Marketing Manager, Imperva

    Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. In order to be effective, employees need access to company data. When internal users become compromised, are careless or carry out malicious activity, enterprise data is put significantly at risk. In the past year the majority of security professionals reported a rise in insider threats attributed mostly to insufficient data protection strategies.

    Attend this webinar to:

    • Learn why insider threats are tough to detect, even when monitoring technologies are in place
    • Understand what differentiates good data access from bad data access
    • Find out how visibility into insider activity reduces risk, and cuts down on incident detection and remediation time

  • Imperva CounterBreach 101: Protect Your Data from Insider Threats

    Presented by Carrie McDaniel, Product Marketing Manager and Dror Shemesh, CounterBreach Engineering Lead

    Learn how to detect and mitigate insider threats with Imperva CounterBreach. CounterBreach is a powerful new product that seamlessly integrates with Imperva SecureSphere database and file security solutions and Imperva Skyfence to pinpoint critical anomalies across databases, file servers, and cloud apps. You’ll see how the solution helps security teams save time by proactively pinpointing the most dangerous user data access incidents.

    In this session you will be shown:

    • How CounterBreach takes data security to the next level with advanced machine learning, peer group analysis and deception technology which work together to accurately detect insider threats
    • Key product functionality that will help you perform faster security investigations
    • An interactive demo of the product