• Anatomy of the Compromised Insider

    Presented by Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist, Imperva

    Statistics show that organizations face an ever increasing threat from compromised insiders. These trusted end users routinely have their endpoint security tested by malware and viruses.

    Industry analysts are now questioning the current and future capability of anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to mitigate these insider threats. There have been numerous high profile events over the past two years to demonstrate the problems of prioritizing security at the end-point. This webinar will:

    • Walk through the process of identifying targets for infection
    • Expose tools used to infect and exploit the compromised end-point
    • Provide recommendations to mitigate the effects of compromised insiders and data theft

  • The Non-Advanced Persistent Threat

    Presented by Sagie Dulce, Security Research Engineer, Imperva

    Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a term given to attacks that specifically and persistently target an entity. The security community views this type of attack as a complex, sophisticated cyber-attack that can last months or even years. However, new research indicates that these attacks are actually being achieved by much simpler methods.

    The Imperva Defense Center has discovered that data breaches commonly associated with APT require only basic technical skills. As a result, security teams need to fundamentally shift their focus from absolute prevention of intrusion to protecting critical data assets once intruders have gained access to their infrastructure. This webinar will:

    • Expose some powerful, yet extremely simple techniques that allow attackers to efficiently expand their reach within an infected organization
    • Show how attackers achieve their goals without resorting to zero-day vulnerabilities and sophisticated exploits
    • Discuss how organizations can protect themselves against the advance of such attacks

  • A Blueprint for Web Attack Survival

    Presented by Kasey Cross, Imperva | Nick Silver, WhiteHat Security

    Is your organization prepared to face a large-scale attack from hacktivists or cybercriminals? This webinar provides a step-by-step plan to protect web applications using proven strategies from application security consultants that have been on the front lines of attack.

    Join security experts from Imperva and WhiteHat Security to see what steps your organization can take to implement a comprehensive strategy for repelling web attacks. This webinar will:

    • Describe the modern attack methods and tools used by hacktivists and cybercriminals
    • Explain the processes and technologies you can use to safeguard your website
    • Help you prioritize security efforts and identify security tips and tricks you might have overlooked

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  • Deconstructing Application DoS Attacks

    Presented by Tal Be'ery, Web Security Team Leader, Imperva

    As one of the most discussed topics on hacker forums, denial of service (DoS) attacks continue to move up the stack from the network to the application level. Since many anti-DoS solutions focus on the lower layers, hackers are targeting specific Web servers, such as IIS or Apache, or applications, such as SharePoint, in order to reduce the likelihood of attack detection. Join Imperva's Tal Be'ery as he discusses the latest trends, techniques, and technologies deployed by hackers and provides security professionals with specific steps to mitigate this threat. This webinar will:

    • Summarize the general characteristics of application DoS attacks
    • Discuss how and why hacktivists utilize distributed denial of service (DDoS)
    • Highlight real-world incidents from OpColumbia, OpBahrain, and OpRussin
    • Examine how black-hat hackers conduct attacks with white-hat testing tools

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