• Get Going with Your GDPR Plan
    Are you ready? General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement begins May 2018. Don’t get derailed by last-minute planning efforts. Start making moves today to protect data against breaches and ensure data privacy—or face the threat of huge fines.
  • 5 Reasons to Extend Data Audit and Protection to Mainframes
    With data breaches regularly making headlines, it’s critical that your organization protects sensitive customer and business data from cyber attacks and internal threats. Proactive monitoring deployed across all your database platforms, including mainframes, is the best defense to detect and contain data breaches. Download 5 Reasons to Extend Data Audit and Protection to Mainframes to learn why you should include mainframes in your database audit and security programs.
  • Combat today’s threats with a single platform for app and data security
    70% of insider and privilege misuse took months or years to discover while the number one source of data breaches are web app attacks. It doesn’t matter where your data resides, cyber criminals and compromised users will find a way to access it, unless you take a synergistic approach to application and data security. Download our new infographic, “Combat Today’s Threats with a Single Platform for App and Data Security” to learn why you have to protect data where it lives.
  • The Hidden Cost of Compliance
    Database auditing is an integral part of every organization's compliance protocol, but the built-in auditing tools that come with your database exact a heavy tool on hardware, software, storage, and human resource costs. Organizations using this built-in approach spend vastly more than they realize and often find themselves unable to meet compliance requirements. This infographic explores the hidden costs of native audit tools.
  • 7 Stages of an Advanced Targeted Attack
    The biggest threat to your company’s security is already inside. Hackers use spear phishing and malware to target your trusted employees, and then leverage their stolen credentials to navigate the company network and gain access to your data center. Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link — your trusted employees. This infographic illustrates the seven common stages of an advanced targeted attack and provides an eight-step plan to safeguard your organization from attack.