• Imperva Company Overview

    Imperva is a leading provider of cyber security solutions that protect business-critical data and applications. Learn how our SecureSphere, Incapsula and Skyfence product lines can help you discover assets and risks, protect information wherever it lives - in the cloud and on-premises - and comply with regulations.

  • FAQ: SecureSphere Maintenance Releases and Feature Packs

    FAQ describing the difference between SecureSphere Maintenance Releases and SecureSphere Feature Packs for SecureSphere v12 and later SecureSphere releases.


  • Datasheet: SecureSphere Appliances

    SecureSphere appliances deliver a scalable, reliable and flexible platform to power Imperva's Web and database security solutions. The SecureSphere X2500, X4500, and X6500 models offer redundant, hot-swappable components including redundant power supplies, hard drives, and fans.

  • Datasheet: SecureSphere High Performance Hardware Appliances

    Imperva SecureSphere appliances provide superior performance and resiliency for demanding data center environments. With fail open interfaces, SecureSphere platforms offer fast and cost-effective fail over. Out-of-band management enhances security, while front panel status messages and network interfaces improve manageability. SecureSphere appliances deliver a scalable, reliable and flexible platform to power Imperva’s Web, Database, and File Security solutions.


  • Datasheet: SecureSphere Management Solutions

    Imperva SecureSphere management products deliver superior performance, scalability and unified management capabilities for any size deployment. Whether you're managing a small data center, or a large number of business units or customers, our products give you the visibility and control to minimize administrative overhead and ensure a strong data security posture.

  • Datasheet: SecureSphere Manager of Managers

    SecureSphere Manager of Managers is a multi-domain management solution that dramatically improves the operational efficiency of managing SecureSphere deployments with multiple MX Management Servers. SecureSphere Manager of Managers improves operational efficiency by allowing administrators to create, configure and distribute new policies, reports and other objects to Management Servers.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and BMC

    Imperva SecureSphere integrates with the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite to improve change management processes. This joint solution brief explains SecureSphere can automatically close BMC Remedy change requests, report on database changes, and block unauthorized database operations.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and Cisco

    Organizations across the globe rely on the Cisco Unified Computing System™ to power their data centers. UCS application, database and file servers house the sensitive and regulated data that drives your business, subjecting them to data protection mandates and cyber attacks. Imperva has partnered with Cisco to enable administrators to monitor server access, audit for compliance, and protect against unauthorized access to applications and data stores running on UCS. Imperva has completed “Interoperability Verification Testing” (IVT) to ensure compatibility with the Cisco UCS platform.


  • Technology Brief: Imperva Universal User Tracking

    Imperva’s Universal User Tracking technology employs two overarching user identification methods to accurately identify end users regardless of how these users access the database. Application User Tracking tracks users that connect indirectly to the database through an application. Conversely, Direct User Tracking, as the name implies, tracks users that connect directly to a database through a standard SQL client.


  • Technology Brief: Imperva Dynamic Profiling

    A Web application security device must understand the structure and usage of protected applications. This task can entail managing hundreds of thousands of constantly changing variables including users, URLs, directories, parameters, cookies, and HTTP methods. Imperva’s patented Dynamic Profiling technology completely automates the security management by learning application structure and usage with little or no manual tuning: this Technology Brief explains how Dynamic Profiling operates.


  • Technology Brief: Imperva Correlated Attack Validation

    Imperva’s Correlated Attack Validation provides SecureSphere customers with accurate protection against malicious activity by analyzing multiple data points, including protocol violations, attack signatures, data leak signatures, user reputation, and variance from past behavior. This Technology Brief explains how Correlated Attack Validation helps combat advanced multi-vector attacks, persistent, and methodological reconnaissance, and automated attacks.