• Datasheet: SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services

    SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services (AWS) protects applications hosted in the Amazon cloud from advanced web attacks, and audits/monitors access to sensitive data in AWS. SecureSphere for AWS delivers all of the benefits of the on-premise SecureSphere Web Application Firewall along with cloud computing features like auto-scaling and disaster recovery. In addition, SecureSphere leverages AWS CloudFormation templates to streamline provisioning and monitoring multiple WAFs on AWS.

  • Solution Brief: Imperva and BMC

    Imperva SecureSphere integrates with the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite to improve change management processes. This joint solution brief explains SecureSphere can automatically close BMC Remedy change requests, report on database changes, and block unauthorized database operations.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and Cisco

    Organizations across the globe rely on the Cisco Unified Computing System™ to power their data centers. UCS application, database and file servers house the sensitive and regulated data that drives your business, subjecting them to data protection mandates and cyber attacks. Imperva has partnered with Cisco to enable administrators to monitor server access, audit for compliance, and protect against unauthorized access to applications and data stores running on UCS. Imperva has completed “Interoperability Verification Testing” (IVT) to ensure compatibility with the Cisco UCS platform.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and iovation

    Imperva and iovation together help businesses prevent online fraud in real time. Imperva SecureSphere offers out-of-the-box integration with iovation ReputationManager 360 to stop fraud at key user activity points without requiring up-front IT efforts by the client and without impacting the customer experience.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and ThreatMetrix

    Imperva and ThreatMetrix have joined forces to help eliminate Web-based fraud. The Imperva SecureSphere WAF leverages device identification from ThreatMetrix to secure payment authorization, new account creation, and authentication. The integrated solutions accelerates rollout and improves management, monitoring, and control of Web fraud policies.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and Teradata

    SecureSphere Database Security solutions provide full visibility into Teradata Database usage and enable Security, Audit and Risk professionals to improve data security and meet compliance directives. This joint solution brief explains the benefits of using SecureSphere with your Teradata data warehouse.


  • Solution Brief: Imperva and WhiteHat

    Imperva SecureSphere and WhiteHat Sentinel provide customers a closed-loop process for identifying and mitigating Web vulnerabilities. This solution brief describes how joint customers can integrate the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall with the Sentinel assessment service to virtually patch Web application vulnerabilities.