• SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring and Database Firewall

    SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring and Database Firewall are Imperva solutions that work together to automate enterprise-wide compliance and ensure database security by providing full visibility into database user access, discovering potential vulnerabilities and providing real-time security capabilities to alert of or even block risky behavior and dangerous policy violations.


  • FlexProtect

    FlexProtect is a flexible approach to securing applications, databases and files that allows to deploy Imperva products how and when our customers need them. FlexProtect helps protecting apps and data whether they are deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid model.


  • Datasheet: Imperva CounterBreach

    Imperva CounterBreach protects enterprise data stored in enterprise databases, file shares and cloud applications from the theft and loss caused by compromised, careless or malicious users.

  • Datasheet: SecureSphere Appliances

    SecureSphere appliances deliver a scalable, reliable and flexible platform to power Imperva's Web and database security solutions. The SecureSphere X2500, X4500, and X6500 models offer redundant, hot-swappable components including redundant power supplies, hard drives, and fans.

  • Datasheet: SecureSphere High Performance Hardware Appliances

    Imperva SecureSphere appliances provide superior performance and resiliency for demanding data center environments. With fail open interfaces, SecureSphere platforms offer fast and cost-effective fail over. Out-of-band management enhances security, while front panel status messages and network interfaces improve manageability. SecureSphere appliances deliver a scalable, reliable and flexible platform to power Imperva’s Web, Database, and File Security solutions.


  • Datasheet: DDoS Protection

    Incapsula secures websites against the largest and smartest types of DDoS attacks - including network, protocol and application level attacks – with minimal business disruption. Our cloud-based service keeps online businesses up and running at high performance levels even under attack, avoiding financial losses and serious reputation damage.

  • Datasheet: Guide to Selecting a DDoS Solution

    Any organization or individual having a web presence to maintain should be concerned about distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and can benefit from adopting a suitable protection solution. This guide explains in detail the different types of DDoS solutions, how to assess DDoS-related risks, key selection factors to consider, and how to make an effective and appropriate choice.


  • Datasheet: Top 10 DDoS Attack Trends

    The volume, size and sophistication of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing rapidly, which makes protecting against them an even bigger priority for all enterprises. This eBook presents the top ten current methods and trends in DDoS attacks based on real-world observation and data. It concludes with an actionable plan and solutions you can implement to prevent these types of attacks.


  • Datasheet: SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services

    SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services (AWS) protects applications hosted in the Amazon cloud from advanced web attacks, and audits/monitors access to sensitive data in AWS. SecureSphere for AWS delivers all of the benefits of the on-premise SecureSphere Web Application Firewall along with cloud computing features like auto-scaling and disaster recovery. In addition, SecureSphere leverages AWS CloudFormation templates to streamline provisioning and monitoring multiple WAFs on AWS.

  • Datasheet: SecureSphere for Microsoft Azure

    SecureSphere for Azure protects business-critical applications hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud from advanced web attacks and audits/monitors access to sensitive data in Azure. SecureSphere for Azure leverages built-in features in Azure Resource Manager to streamline scalability and disaster recovery in the cloud. In addition, SecureSphere Deployment Kit for Azure Security Center streamlines provisioning and monitoring multiple WAFs on Azure.


  • Solution Brief: PCI Compliance

    This brief describes how SecureSphere helps organizations solve the most challenging PCI requirements.