• Accor North America

    Accor North America
    Learn how Accor North America, one of the nation's largest owner/operators of economy lodging, is using SecureSphere to protect its Internet-based reservation systems and back-end databases from attack.

    "The Accor online reservation system is one of our most important revenue channels and a critical touch point for serving customers of all our North American properties. SecureSphere enables us to protect this business critical infrastructure from attack and data theft, while at the same time allowing our IT staff to be alerted of any unusual activity as it occurs. Imperva is helping us protect the security and privacy of customer data, and gain unprecedented visibility into who is accessing this critical operational system."

    Jeff Winslow, CIO

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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
    This Case Study describes how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee has deployed Imperva SecureSphere to safeguard the privacy of private member and corporate information and to meet various privacy and security regulations, including requirements due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and CMS (the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

    "Web and database communication has become integrated into nearly every BCBST production system. So protecting our Web applications and database is a key element in safeguarding the private health information of our members and partners."

    Chris Levan, CIO

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  • Brainshark

    This case study describes how Brainshark deployed SecureSphere to secure its cloud-based presentation sharing site. Brainshark initially provisioned another Web Application Firewall, but encountered issues with its learning mode. Then Brainshark decided to replace its existing solution with Imperva SecureSphere. Once installed and configured, SecureSphere helped Brainshark pass stringent security audits and improved the company's overall security posture.

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  • Brock University

    Brock University
    Brock University, located in St. Catharines, ON, is one of Canada's leading universities with a stellar reputation for producing smart, successful graduates. Brock maintains a robust IT systems environment designed to keep pace with its stellar academic reputation and was determined to protect itself from the major data breaches that have been reported by so many educational institutions in recent memory. After evaluating the leading security products, Brock implemented Imperva's SecureSphere Gateway to protect Brock's front end web applications and also secure data all the way through their backend databases – while handling custom developed applications with no impact on performance or requiring special scripting.

    "The Dynamic Profiling capabilities of SecureSphere automatically detect who is doing what and makes sure that what they are doing is not unauthorized. Suspicious activities are flagged and my team alerted. Best of all, SecureSphere ensures that we aren't bothered by false positives. "

    Roger Herman, DBA, Brock University

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  • Covelli Enterprises

    Covelli Enterprises
    Covelli Enterprises, the largest franchisee of Panera Breads and O'Charley's restaurants, selected the Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to protect its Web applications from attack and prevent unauthorized access. Covelli Enterprises also relies on the Imperva ThreatRadar service to detect and stop known malicious sources.

    "Installing a Web Application Firewall was the most logical step to protect our Web applications–especially ones that were written by third parties. In addition to protecting the application, it allowed me to log activity for security and audit purposes."

    Anthony Biegecki, CISO, Covelli Enterprises

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  • FireHost

    FireHost, the leading Secure Web Hosting company, selected the Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to protect its customers' Websites. FireHost chose Imperva because it offered accurate protection, centralized management, granular security policies, and multi-gigabit performance.

    "It is evident from the sheer number of Website compromises that Web application attacks are the most dangerous risk today. With Imperva, we have great confidence that our customers are protected against these attacks."

    Chris Drake, CEO, FireHost

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  • Fortune 500 IT Services and Business Software Company

    Fortune 500 IT Services and Business Software Company
    A Fortune 500 Company turned to Imperva SecureSphere virtual appliances to protect its sensitive Web applications from attack. SecureSphere was the ideal choice for the Company because it offered accurate protection, virtual patching, enterprise-grade policy control, and detailed alerts–all while supporting the organization's virtualization requirements.

    "SecureSphere virtual appliances enable us to protect our Web applications and improve our development processes–without slowing down our application development schedules."

    Security Officer, Fortune 500 IT Services and Business Software Company

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  • Global Financial Services Enterprise

    Global Financial Services Enterprise
    Global Financial Services Enterprise Chooses SecureSphere Stack Powered by Net Optics to Provide Scalability for Database and Network Protection in the 10G Environment. SecureSphere Stack powered by Net Optics joint solution represents a way to scale easily and quickly using products of proven interoperability in an ingenious configuration. Without the need to make a substantial investment in new infrastructure, the Financial Services Enterprise saves additional funds, while the use of familiar 2 Gbps Database and Web Application Security appliances lowers the learning curve and operational costs as well.

    The solution is compact yet powerful, using a high-port-density configuration with minimal power consumption. The benefits of this sophisticated joint solution are significant for the Financial Company, whose customers can now rely with confidence on the security of their confidential information.

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  • Healthcare Network

    Healthcare Network
    A non-profit healthcare network deployed the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to protect Web applications and address PCI compliance. The healthcare network stops automated attacks with ThreatRadar Reputation Services which provides near real-time data of malicious sources.

    "ThreatRadar has been great. We host an application that allows Website visitors to send a message to a patient staying at one of our hospitals. ThreatRadar stops about 40 spam messages a day. This improves patient satisfaction."

    Information Security Architect, Healthcare Network

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  • Intuition Systems, Inc.

    Intuition Systems, Inc.
    Intuition Systems, a leading national payment processing firm, has deployed the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Database Security Gateway (DSG) to meet compliance requirements imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Intuition Systems chose SecureSphere for its unique ability to provide integrated web application protection and database security.

    "Deploying a Web Application Firewall was the most efficient and cost effective solution for us to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard. SecureSphere was the easiest product to deploy and configure, and delivered the best performance in our tests. When we learned about its ability to also monitor and protect databases, we expanded our project scope and deployed this functionality as well. With Imperva we have a complete solution for data security and PCI compliance. "

    Jean-Pierre Zaiter, CIO, Intuition Systems

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  • Israel Ministry of Finance

    Israel Ministry of Finance
    This Case Study describes how the Israel Ministry of Finance eGovernment initiative is using Imperva SecureSphere as its main line of defense against application attacks.

    "Imperva's web application firewall is our main line of defense against application attacks... SecureSphere was the most impressive solution in terms of Overall quality. We evaluated a variety of products, but Imperva's solution offered the best performance, coverage and usability. "

    Eric Wolf, Deputy Director, Tehila Project

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  • Keystone RV

    Keystone RV
    Keystone RV, the leading manufacturer of towable RVs in North America, was the target of a large-scale DDoS attack. This case study describes how Imperva Incapsula (previously called Cloud DDoS Protection) stopped the DDoS SYN flood attack, quickly restoring Website access to Keystone's partners and customers. Imperva Incapsula also stopped several follow-on DDoS attacks.

    "When we were under attack, our bandwidth went up one hundred fold. Imperva stopped the attack and kept our site up and running. The support team has been great. After provisioning Imperva, we haven't looked back."

    Mark Widman, IT and Security Administrator, Keystone RV

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  • Monash University

    Monash University
    As the largest University in Australia and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight, Monash University turned to Imperva to have a singular, overarching approach to security, allowing for increased visibility, tighter network security solutions and peace of mind over critical assets.

    “Increasing the visibility into threats allows us to make informed decisions into securing our environment.”

    Edward Messina, IT Security and Risk Manager, Monash University

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  • National Bankcard Services (NBS)

    National Bankcard Services (NBS)
    National Bankcard Services (NBS), a leading provider of transaction processing solutions for petroleum and convenience store chains and retailers, is using the SecureSphere(tm) SE Web Application Firewall to comply with PCI. SecureSphere SE, a market-leading Web application firewall packaged for medium enterprises, directly addresses National Bankcard Services' PCI 6.6 application firewall requirement by providing the most automated and accurate protection for the company's online customer portal. "With Imperva, we feel confident about our ability to comply with PCI and protect our customers from application threats on an ongoing basis. "

    Allan Kintigh, Software Engineer, National Bankcard Services

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  • Online Gaming Company

    Online Gaming Company
    In anticipation of a major product launch, this online gaming company decided to host its e-commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than invest significant time and money upgrading physical data centers. Delivering services in the cloud exposed the organization to web attacks, data theft, and fraud and without question, this required ironclad defenses. They quickly deployed SecureSphere WAF for AWS in time for the release - and protected the company’s applications from attacks, immediately. Designed exclusively for AWS, SecureSphere integrates with key AWS technologies, allowing the company to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

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  • Partner Agent, Inc.

    Partner Agent, Inc.
    As an innovator in the marriage services industry, Partner Agent Inc. was searching for a solution to secure its B2B platform provided to parters and other corporations. This case study describes the adoption of Imperva’s solutions and its effectiveness being the only solution to provide integrated web and database security with minimal effort and ease of use with significant and consistently great results.

    "Imperva, in addition to always blocking threats, sends out alerts when anything dangerous develops without us having to constantly keep an eye on the console. With limited human resources within our means, Imperva guarantees easy and absolute security, and protects vital customer information. These, I believe, are the greatest merits of adopting the Imperva solution."

    Yuji Tajiyama, Leader, Information Systems Department

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  • Paymetric

    Paymetric, the leading provider of enterprise payment acceptance solutions, relies on the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to prevent application attacks in real-time, mitigate Web vulnerabilities, and address PCI 6.6. The company uses SecureSphere with Cenzic vulnerability assessments to virtually patch vulnerabilities. Paymetric also stops known malicious users and botnets through Imperva's unique ThreatRadar service.

    "SecureSphere provides real-time protection against Web application attacks. With SecureSphere, our applications are more secure and our software development processes are more robust."

    Genady Visnevetsky, Director of Security, Paymetric

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  • Scott Sports

    Scott Sports
    In this video case study, Steve Murith, IT Project Manager at Scott Sports, showcases how Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall on AWS has enabled them to securely distribute their B2B digital assets in 82 markets globally without shortcuts. Known for their “no shortcuts” policy, Scott Sports secures their assets correctly with Imperva and AWS. Get more information at www.imperva.com/go/aws.

    Video: Scott Sports Case Study

    "Before we installed Imperva SecureSphere we had many attacks that took the site down. Now we are able to block the IP addresses with Imperva ThreatRadar. Altogether the SecureSphere solution protects us against hackers and provides better performance and availability for our partners and customers.”

    Steve Murith, IT Project Manager, Scott Sports

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  • SEEK

    SEEK, Australia's number one job site, prevents competitors from scraping Website content with Imperva SecureSphere. Watch this video case study to find out how the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall safeguards the company's Website from site scraping and Web application attacks.

    Video: SEEK Case Study

    "The Imperva platform is one of the critical components protecting our Website and also giving us visibility of what is coming through our front door."

    Mithran Naiker, Head of IT Operations, SEEK

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  • Siam City Bank

    Siam City Bank
    Siam City Bank, the 7th largest bank within Thailand's commercial banking industry, is using SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for real-time protection of its online banking application. "We feel assured that we have the right tools to help strengthen our system against any malicious attacks caused by external or internal users of our Internet banking application."

    Viroj Saengvongrusmee, First VP and Manager, Information Technology, Siam City Bank, PCL

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  • Soka-Bau

    SOKA-BAU, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, provides benefits, compensation and pension insurance services for 70,000 German construction companies. To operate more efficiently, SOKA-BAU wanted to provide self-service web applications to their customers and covered employees, while protecting them from the major data breaches reported by various organizations that implement online services in recent memory. After evaluating the leading security products, Soka Bau implemented Imperva's SecureSphere Web Application Firewall and Database Security Gateway products. SecureSphere was the only solution that could not only provide the deep monitoring and security functionality, but also surpassed all other competitors in the performance and scale requirements necessary for such an environment.

    (English | Deutsch)

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  • Tech Giant Secures Data and Saves $2 Million Annually

    Tech Giant Secures Data and Saves $2 Million Annually
    One of the largest computer technology companies in the world replaced their IBM Guardium deployment with Imperva SecureSphere, to audit and protect their database environment. Switching to SecureSphere reduced operational costs by over 70%, saving the company $1.9M a year in recurring labor and support costs. This level of ongoing cost savings was a huge win for the company that operates with razor-thin margins, in a price-competitive industry. In addition to operating margin pressure, this Fortune 500 company had to address SOX and PCI-DSS regulations, on a global scale.

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  • TechSoup Global

    TechSoup Global
    Hear how Richard Collins from TechSoup Global is using Imperva SecureSphere WAF and DAM solutions. He discusses key drivers such as sensitive data protection, securing mission-critical servers, addressing partner concerns over data security from Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit (which require their partners to have strong data security solutions), and addressing PCI.

    Richard also discusses how WAF can be used as a unifying technology that brings together development and operations teams. Finally he explains why he chose Imperva SecureSphere above competitors, and how Imperva offers the best solution for TechSoup Global by providing a superior: user interface, policy management system, profiling and learning capability, architecture flexibility, and ability to integrate database and Web application protection through a single solution.

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  • TicketNetwork

    Over 7.5 million tickets are offered on TicketNetwork's online ticket exchange every day. To protect its popular Website and address PCI compliance, TicketNetwork trusts Imperva SecureSphere. TicketNetwork chose Imperva because of SecureSphere's high performance, its ease-of-management, and its reputation-based security provided by ThreatRadar.

    "Imperva's WAF is the final layer, and, unlike code analysis or pen testing, the WAF is always on and covers everything–custom built or third party."

    Jeff Mathena, VP of Information Technology, TicketNetwork

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  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    This Case Study describes how Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan’s top national science and technology university, deploys SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to enhance and simplify operations, reducing the security team’s workload, while ensuring that the content of the 400 websites are fully protected.

    "The SecureSphere Web Application Firewall fully protects the content of our websites and the alerts provide detailed updates regarding the current firewall status that contribute greatly to Tokyo Tech's security measures."

    Professor Masahiko Tomoishi, Global Scientific Information & Computing Center

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  • Vietnam Government

    Vietnam Government
    The Vietnam Government needed to protect an important Web portal from automated attacks. The government required a solution that offered accurate protection, easy, intuitive management, and fast deployment. With the Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall, the Vietnam Government Web Portal is protected against application attacks and bots.

    "Imperva SecureSphere is a powerful solution with many outstanding features. It automatically learned the structure of our Web applications to accurately stop attacks."

    Pham Quang Thien, The Deputy Manager of Technology Department, Vietnam Government

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  • vli Limited

    vli Limited
    For over ten years, vli has developed and managed innovative Web-based solutions and technologies to solve the real business issues of major clients.

    "We pride ourselves on our record in keeping customers safe against threats, and SecureSphere's Web Application Firewall has been a great addition to our security infrastructure. "

    Will Hodgkinson, Director, vli Limited

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  • Walla! Shops

    Walla! Shops
    This Case Study describes how Walla! Shops has deployed Imperva SecureSphere to satisfy PCI DSS 6.6 requirement for application security of its eCommerce site.

    "As our business continues to grow with more and more credit cards being processed, we must have a solution in place to prevent this critical data from being stolen. "

    Uri Laish, Vice President, R&D at Walla! Shops

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  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation

    Yokogawa Electric Corporation
    As a global enterprise providing products and solutions to customers around the world, Yokogawa Electric Corporation transitioned from an on-premise environment to an AWS system. This case study describes how the global organization deployed SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for AWS to reduce the security team’s workload, allowing human resources to add greater value to their jobs.

    “In addition to the overwhelming high-performance results of the WAF, and the ease of operation, Imperva’s SecureSphere for AWS was the only solution that enabled a security gateway in the AWS infrastructure.”

    Junko Yamashita, YGSP Department, Information Systems Department, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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