• Brainshark

    This case study describes how Brainshark deployed SecureSphere to secure its cloud-based presentation sharing site. Brainshark initially provisioned another Web Application Firewall, but encountered issues with its learning mode. Then Brainshark decided to replace its existing solution with Imperva SecureSphere. Once installed and configured, SecureSphere helped Brainshark pass stringent security audits and improved the company's overall security posture.

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  • Global IT

    The customer is a leader in process and information technology outsourcing and their client base represents a wide range of public and private organizations that span industries worldwide. Imperva enables our customer to offer an integrated data masking solution that could be easily integrated across multiple database types and applications. Imperva Camouflage data masking solution has proven to be the best option for the banking and financial institution.

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  • Intuition Systems, Inc.

    Intuition Systems, Inc.
    Intuition Systems, a leading national payment processing firm, has deployed the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Database Security Gateway (DSG) to meet compliance requirements imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Intuition Systems chose SecureSphere for its unique ability to provide integrated web application protection and database security.

    "Deploying a Web Application Firewall was the most efficient and cost effective solution for us to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard. SecureSphere was the easiest product to deploy and configure, and delivered the best performance in our tests. When we learned about its ability to also monitor and protect databases, we expanded our project scope and deployed this functionality as well. With Imperva we have a complete solution for data security and PCI compliance. "

    Jean-Pierre Zaiter, CIO, Intuition Systems

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  • Online Gaming Company

    Online Gaming Company
    In anticipation of a major product launch, this online gaming company decided to host its e-commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than invest significant time and money upgrading physical data centers. Delivering services in the cloud exposed the organization to web attacks, data theft, and fraud and without question, this required ironclad defenses. They quickly deployed SecureSphere WAF for AWS in time for the release - and protected the company’s applications from attacks, immediately. Designed exclusively for AWS, SecureSphere integrates with key AWS technologies, allowing the company to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

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  • SEEK

    SEEK, Australia's number one job site, prevents competitors from scraping Website content with Imperva SecureSphere. Watch this video case study to find out how the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall safeguards the company's Website from site scraping and Web application attacks.

    Video: SEEK Case Study

    "The Imperva platform is one of the critical components protecting our Website and also giving us visibility of what is coming through our front door."

    Mithran Naiker, Head of IT Operations, SEEK

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  • Tech Giant Secures Data and Saves $2 Million Annually

    Tech Giant Secures Data and Saves $2 Million Annually
    One of the largest computer technology companies in the world replaced their IBM Guardium deployment with Imperva SecureSphere, to audit and protect their database environment. Switching to SecureSphere reduced operational costs by over 70%, saving the company $1.9M a year in recurring labor and support costs. This level of ongoing cost savings was a huge win for the company that operates with razor-thin margins, in a price-competitive industry. In addition to operating margin pressure, this Fortune 500 company had to address SOX and PCI-DSS regulations, on a global scale.

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  • TicketNetwork

    Over 7.5 million tickets are offered on TicketNetwork's online ticket exchange every day. To protect its popular Website and address PCI compliance, TicketNetwork trusts Imperva SecureSphere. TicketNetwork chose Imperva because of SecureSphere's high performance, its ease-of-management, and its reputation-based security provided by ThreatRadar.

    "Imperva's WAF is the final layer, and, unlike code analysis or pen testing, the WAF is always on and covers everything–custom built or third party."

    Jeff Mathena, VP of Information Technology, TicketNetwork

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  • vli Limited

    vli Limited
    For over ten years, vli has developed and managed innovative Web-based solutions and technologies to solve the real business issues of major clients.

    "We pride ourselves on our record in keeping customers safe against threats, and SecureSphere's Web Application Firewall has been a great addition to our security infrastructure. "

    Will Hodgkinson, Director, vli Limited

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