• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
    This Case Study describes how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee has deployed Imperva SecureSphere to safeguard the privacy of private member and corporate information and to meet various privacy and security regulations, including requirements due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and CMS (the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

    "Web and database communication has become integrated into nearly every BCBST production system. So protecting our Web applications and database is a key element in safeguarding the private health information of our members and partners."

    Chris Levan, CIO

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  • FFF Enterprises

    FFF Enterprises
    This article in Baseline Magazine details how FFF Enterprises has deployed SecureSphere to protect the applications and databases associated with its Verified Electronic Pedigree (VEP) program. The VEP program protects patients' privacy and ensures their safety by tracking the source and location of life-saving medicines throughout the supply chain.

    "Securing the private information of our customers and partners is of utmost importance to FFF. SecureSphere is an essential part of proactively satisfying HIPAA privacy regulations"

    Bob Coates, VP of Technology for FFF Enterprises

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  • Healthcare

    A health insurer licensed Imperva Camouflage for an internal initiative that stemmed from their security and privacy group’s policy that no private health care information could be shared in any non-production data sources. This policy was broad in reach, and affected all of customer’s applications. Imperva’s data masking solution allows customer to produce a subset of any supported database while retaining relational integrity. Imperva was able to meet the tight requirements and make the entire process repeatable by the customer through their standalone resources.

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  • Healthcare Network

    Healthcare Network
    A non-profit healthcare network deployed the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to protect Web applications and address PCI compliance. The healthcare network stops automated attacks with ThreatRadar Reputation Services which provides near real-time data of malicious sources.

    "ThreatRadar has been great. We host an application that allows Website visitors to send a message to a patient staying at one of our hospitals. ThreatRadar stops about 40 spam messages a day. This improves patient satisfaction."

    Information Security Architect, Healthcare Network

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  • PayFlex

    PayFlex, a leading administrator of healthcare benefits, needed to safeguard its applications and meet PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements. PayFlex selected the Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall because it offered easy deployment and full application visibility, enhancing PayFlex's secure application coding processes.

    "Imperva helps our network team understand what applications are actually doing. They know what kind of requests PayFlex is getting and whether they are friendly or suspect."

    Jason Weiss, VP of Technology, PayFlex

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