• eToro

    eToro’s online and mobile investment platform empowers more than 2.75 million users in over 140 countries to trade currencies, commodities and stock. To prevent service disruption due to DDoS attacks, eToro has deployed Imperva Incapsula Infrastructure DDoS Protection. This on-demand service leverages BGP routing to transparently mitigate all types of DDoS attacks against any network service.

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  • Fortune 500 IT Services and Business Software Company

    Fortune 500 IT Services and Business Software Company
    A Fortune 500 Company turned to Imperva SecureSphere virtual appliances to protect its sensitive Web applications from attack. SecureSphere was the ideal choice for the Company because it offered accurate protection, virtual patching, enterprise-grade policy control, and detailed alerts–all while supporting the organization's virtualization requirements.

    "SecureSphere virtual appliances enable us to protect our Web applications and improve our development processes–without slowing down our application development schedules."

    Security Officer, Fortune 500 IT Services and Business Software Company

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  • Global Business Cuts $90 Million in Excess IT Costs

    Global Business Cuts $90 Million in Excess IT Costs
    A Fortune Global 500 Company replaced the database auditing system they developed in-house with Imperva SecureSphere. This case study explains how Imperva's database auditing and protection solution saved the bank over $90 million by streamlining hardware and software spending, eliminating database server load, and reducing manual processes that relied upon built-in database auditing.

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  • Global Financial Services Enterprise

    Global Financial Services Enterprise
    Global Financial Services Enterprise Chooses SecureSphere Stack Powered by Net Optics to Provide Scalability for Database and Network Protection in the 10G Environment. SecureSphere Stack powered by Net Optics joint solution represents a way to scale easily and quickly using products of proven interoperability in an ingenious configuration. Without the need to make a substantial investment in new infrastructure, the Financial Services Enterprise saves additional funds, while the use of familiar 2 Gbps Database and Web Application Security appliances lowers the learning curve and operational costs as well.

    The solution is compact yet powerful, using a high-port-density configuration with minimal power consumption. The benefits of this sophisticated joint solution are significant for the Financial Company, whose customers can now rely with confidence on the security of their confidential information.

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  • Intuition Systems, Inc.

    Intuition Systems, Inc.
    Intuition Systems, a leading national payment processing firm, has deployed the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Database Security Gateway (DSG) to meet compliance requirements imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Intuition Systems chose SecureSphere for its unique ability to provide integrated web application protection and database security.

    "Deploying a Web Application Firewall was the most efficient and cost effective solution for us to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard. SecureSphere was the easiest product to deploy and configure, and delivered the best performance in our tests. When we learned about its ability to also monitor and protect databases, we expanded our project scope and deployed this functionality as well. With Imperva we have a complete solution for data security and PCI compliance. "

    Jean-Pierre Zaiter, CIO, Intuition Systems

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  • Leading International Bank

    Leading International Bank
    A leading bank in the Asia-Pacific region standardizes on SecureSphere to protect its 1500 mission-critical databases and meet IBTRM guidelines for securing internet banking. IBTRM requires the bank to continuously monitor and audit privileged activity, enforce access policies, restrict access to data on a "need-to-have" basis and prevent unauthorized access. The bank chose Imperva SecureSphere for its ability to monitor and audit database activities, its ability to scale and meet the demands of the distributed environment, and its unified management capabilities.

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  • National Bankcard Services (NBS)

    National Bankcard Services (NBS)
    National Bankcard Services (NBS), a leading provider of transaction processing solutions for petroleum and convenience store chains and retailers, is using the SecureSphere(tm) SE Web Application Firewall to comply with PCI. SecureSphere SE, a market-leading Web application firewall packaged for medium enterprises, directly addresses National Bankcard Services' PCI 6.6 application firewall requirement by providing the most automated and accurate protection for the company's online customer portal. "With Imperva, we feel confident about our ability to comply with PCI and protect our customers from application threats on an ongoing basis. "

    Allan Kintigh, Software Engineer, National Bankcard Services

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  • Paymetric

    Paymetric, the leading provider of enterprise payment acceptance solutions, relies on the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to prevent application attacks in real-time, mitigate Web vulnerabilities, and address PCI 6.6. The company uses SecureSphere with Cenzic vulnerability assessments to virtually patch vulnerabilities. Paymetric also stops known malicious users and botnets through Imperva's unique ThreatRadar service.

    "SecureSphere provides real-time protection against Web application attacks. With SecureSphere, our applications are more secure and our software development processes are more robust."

    Genady Visnevetsky, Director of Security, Paymetric

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  • PSCU

    Financial institutions are one of the most targeted industries for data theft, often by organized, profit-driven cyber criminals. PSCU was aware of these threats and was concerned about the potential consequences to their bottom line and reputation in the event that malware were to penetrate their data center. Download this case study to learn how FireEye and Imperva enable PSCU to detect malware on endpoint devices and respond in real-time, protecting their regulated and sensitive data from advanced targeted attacks.

    "Our decision to purchase FireEye and Imperva resulted from a change in philosophy. Like most companies, we were focused on protecting the perimeter, but with the advanced threats we're seeing today, you can't stop people from getting inside. We decided to take a data-centric approach, to concentrate on making sure they can't get to our business critical information."

    Bradley Walker, IT Security Manager for PSCU

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  • Siam City Bank

    Siam City Bank
    Siam City Bank, the 7th largest bank within Thailand's commercial banking industry, is using SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for real-time protection of its online banking application. "We feel assured that we have the right tools to help strengthen our system against any malicious attacks caused by external or internal users of our Internet banking application."

    Viroj Saengvongrusmee, First VP and Manager, Information Technology, Siam City Bank, PCL

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  • Soka-Bau

    SOKA-BAU, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, provides benefits, compensation and pension insurance services for 70,000 German construction companies. To operate more efficiently, SOKA-BAU wanted to provide self-service web applications to their customers and covered employees, while protecting them from the major data breaches reported by various organizations that implement online services in recent memory. After evaluating the leading security products, Soka Bau implemented Imperva's SecureSphere Web Application Firewall and Database Security Gateway products. SecureSphere was the only solution that could not only provide the deep monitoring and security functionality, but also surpassed all other competitors in the performance and scale requirements necessary for such an environment.

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