• Brock University

    Brock University
    Brock University, located in St. Catharines, ON, is one of Canada's leading universities with a stellar reputation for producing smart, successful graduates. Brock maintains a robust IT systems environment designed to keep pace with its stellar academic reputation and was determined to protect itself from the major data breaches that have been reported by so many educational institutions in recent memory. After evaluating the leading security products, Brock implemented Imperva's SecureSphere Gateway to protect Brock's front end web applications and also secure data all the way through their backend databases – while handling custom developed applications with no impact on performance or requiring special scripting.

    "The Dynamic Profiling capabilities of SecureSphere automatically detect who is doing what and makes sure that what they are doing is not unauthorized. Suspicious activities are flagged and my team alerted. Best of all, SecureSphere ensures that we aren't bothered by false positives. "

    Roger Herman, DBA, Brock University

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  • Higher Education

    A leading online education services provider needed to maintain the highest standard of data security and ensure strong protection of their students’ data. Imperva Camouflage data masking solution successfully helped the customer greatly reduce the risk of exposure of their student data and accelerate compliances with Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA) in the U.S. and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada.

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  • Leading Research University

    Leading Research University
    A leading research university was concerned about maintaining compliance with regulations such as FERPA, PCI and HIPAA, and ensuring that the campus’ external SharePoint sites were protected from web-based threats that could jeopardize sensitive data. Because its SharePoint environment hosts student-facing web applications, the team wanted greater insight and control over how the SharePoint was being accessed. SecureSphere for SharePoint provided the Information Technology Group with broad insight into site activity, and the tools they needed to manage the overall security of the platform.

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