• eToro

    eToro’s online and mobile investment platform empowers more than 2.75 million users in over 140 countries to trade currencies, commodities and stock. To prevent service disruption due to DDoS attacks, eToro has deployed Imperva Incapsula Infrastructure DDoS Protection. This on-demand service leverages BGP routing to transparently mitigate all types of DDoS attacks against any network service.

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  • Investment Management Firm Protects Online Trading Processes and Customer Data

    A major U.S. investment management firm relies on Imperva cyber security solutions to secure its trading environment. The financial services firm uses SecureSphere Data Audit and Protection to protect customer transactions and data and to automate compliance reporting. They chose SecureSphere because of its flexible deployment options that allowed the firm to monitor database traffic without deploying agents on databases. To gain visibility and control of trading data in SaaS applications, the firm turned to Imperva Skyfence, a cloud access security broker (CASB). The firm also uses Imperva Incapsula to defend its website from DDoS attacks.

    “The Imperva suite of products are filling gaps for me so I sleep better at night knowing my website is going to stay up, that we are monitoring privileged activity on the network from a database perspective, that my DNS is not going to be compromised, and my cloud apps are secure.”

    SVP of Information Security

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  • Keystone RV

    Keystone RV
    Keystone RV, the leading manufacturer of towable RVs in North America, was the target of a large-scale DDoS attack. This case study describes how Imperva Incapsula (previously called Cloud DDoS Protection) stopped the DDoS SYN flood attack, quickly restoring Website access to Keystone's partners and customers. Imperva Incapsula also stopped several follow-on DDoS attacks.

    "When we were under attack, our bandwidth went up one hundred fold. Imperva stopped the attack and kept our site up and running. The support team has been great. After provisioning Imperva, we haven't looked back."

    Mark Widman, IT and Security Administrator, Keystone RV

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  • SEEK

    SEEK, Australia's number one job site, prevents competitors from scraping Website content with Imperva SecureSphere. Watch this video case study to find out how the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall safeguards the company's Website from site scraping and Web application attacks.

    Video: SEEK Case Study

    "The Imperva platform is one of the critical components protecting our Website and also giving us visibility of what is coming through our front door."

    Mithran Naiker, Head of IT Operations, SEEK

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  • The Motley Fool

    The Motley Fool
    The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company dedicated to building the world's greatest investment community. The Motley Fool selected the Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to protect its Website against screen scraping and application attacks. The financial-services powerhouse also relies on SecureSphere to monitor application usage, troubleshoot application errors, and reduce comment spam on its message boards.

    "The product is rock solid. We did not have to reboot it once since we installed it nearly two years ago. There is nothing that we need to worry about. It simply does its job."

    Brandon Ragan, Lead Systems Engineer, The Motley Fool

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