• Consulting Firm

    Consulting Firm
    Leading consultancy, that offers technology and software consulting solutions to the Fortune 1000, moves to the cloud for delivery of applications to its clients and employees, and secures its cloud with Imperva Skyfence.

    “Skyfence starts with true visibility into the cloud—none of the other products we reviewed came close.”

    Director of Risk Management and Cyber Security

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  • Investment Management Firm Protects Online Trading Processes and Customer Data

    A major U.S. investment management firm relies on Imperva cyber security solutions to secure its trading environment. The financial services firm uses SecureSphere Data Audit and Protection to protect customer transactions and data and to automate compliance reporting. They chose SecureSphere because of its flexible deployment options that allowed the firm to monitor database traffic without deploying agents on databases. To gain visibility and control of trading data in SaaS applications, the firm turned to Imperva Skyfence, a cloud access security broker (CASB). The firm also uses Imperva Incapsula to defend its website from DDoS attacks.

    “The Imperva suite of products are filling gaps for me so I sleep better at night knowing my website is going to stay up, that we are monitoring privileged activity on the network from a database perspective, that my DNS is not going to be compromised, and my cloud apps are secure.”

    SVP of Information Security

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  • Metro Bank

    Metro Bank
    Metro Bank is Britain’s first new High Street bank in over 100 years. With a focus on the customer, Metro Bank provides unparalleled levels of service and convenience to its customers. When it comes to IT, Metro Bank is an innovator as well, with an emphasis on enabling its 1400 colleagues across the UK to communicate and collaborate effectively. Learn how Imperva Skyfence helped Metro Bank ramp up employee productivity and collaboration with secure access to Office 365 apps. With Imperva Skyfence, they found an effective solution that was transparent to users yet provided IT with granular visibility into cloud application usage as well as the ability flag and even block suspicious behavior. Imperva Skyfence worked seamlessly with their AirWatch MDM deployment to provide broad access to corporate devices, while enabling personal-device users to safely access Yammer and collaborate with colleagues from outside of the office.

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  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    This Case Study describes how Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan’s top national science and technology university, deploys SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to enhance and simplify operations, reducing the security team’s workload, while ensuring that the content of the 400 websites are fully protected.

    "The SecureSphere Web Application Firewall fully protects the content of our websites and the alerts provide detailed updates regarding the current firewall status that contribute greatly to Tokyo Tech's security measures."

    Professor Masahiko Tomoishi, Global Scientific Information & Computing Center

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