• eToro

    eToro’s online and mobile investment platform empowers more than 2.75 million users in over 140 countries to trade currencies, commodities and stock. To prevent service disruption due to DDoS attacks, eToro has deployed Imperva Incapsula Infrastructure DDoS Protection. This on-demand service leverages BGP routing to transparently mitigate all types of DDoS attacks against any network service.

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  • Healthcare Network

    Healthcare Network
    A non-profit healthcare network deployed the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to protect Web applications and address PCI compliance. The healthcare network stops automated attacks with ThreatRadar Reputation Services which provides near real-time data of malicious sources.

    "ThreatRadar has been great. We host an application that allows Website visitors to send a message to a patient staying at one of our hospitals. ThreatRadar stops about 40 spam messages a day. This improves patient satisfaction."

    Information Security Architect, Healthcare Network

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  • Leading International Bank

    Leading International Bank
    A leading bank in the Asia-Pacific region standardizes on SecureSphere to protect its 1500 mission-critical databases and meet IBTRM guidelines for securing internet banking. IBTRM requires the bank to continuously monitor and audit privileged activity, enforce access policies, restrict access to data on a "need-to-have" basis and prevent unauthorized access. The bank chose Imperva SecureSphere for its ability to monitor and audit database activities, its ability to scale and meet the demands of the distributed environment, and its unified management capabilities.

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  • Leading Research University

    Leading Research University
    A leading research university was concerned about maintaining compliance with regulations such as FERPA, PCI and HIPAA, and ensuring that the campus’ external SharePoint sites were protected from web-based threats that could jeopardize sensitive data. Because its SharePoint environment hosts student-facing web applications, the team wanted greater insight and control over how the SharePoint was being accessed. SecureSphere for SharePoint provided the Information Technology Group with broad insight into site activity, and the tools they needed to manage the overall security of the platform.

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  • National Bankcard Services (NBS)

    National Bankcard Services (NBS)
    National Bankcard Services (NBS), a leading provider of transaction processing solutions for petroleum and convenience store chains and retailers, is using the SecureSphere(tm) SE Web Application Firewall to comply with PCI. SecureSphere SE, a market-leading Web application firewall packaged for medium enterprises, directly addresses National Bankcard Services' PCI 6.6 application firewall requirement by providing the most automated and accurate protection for the company's online customer portal. "With Imperva, we feel confident about our ability to comply with PCI and protect our customers from application threats on an ongoing basis. "

    Allan Kintigh, Software Engineer, National Bankcard Services

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  • Online Gaming Company

    Online Gaming Company
    In anticipation of a major product launch, this online gaming company decided to host its e-commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than invest significant time and money upgrading physical data centers. Delivering services in the cloud exposed the organization to web attacks, data theft, and fraud and without question, this required ironclad defenses. They quickly deployed SecureSphere WAF for AWS in time for the release - and protected the company’s applications from attacks, immediately. Designed exclusively for AWS, SecureSphere integrates with key AWS technologies, allowing the company to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

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  • Paymetric

    Paymetric, the leading provider of enterprise payment acceptance solutions, relies on the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to prevent application attacks in real-time, mitigate Web vulnerabilities, and address PCI 6.6. The company uses SecureSphere with Cenzic vulnerability assessments to virtually patch vulnerabilities. Paymetric also stops known malicious users and botnets through Imperva's unique ThreatRadar service.

    "SecureSphere provides real-time protection against Web application attacks. With SecureSphere, our applications are more secure and our software development processes are more robust."

    Genady Visnevetsky, Director of Security, Paymetric

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  • Pelephone

    Learn how Pelephone, a mobile carrier supporting millions of subscribers, is using SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring to increase operational efficiency while safeguarding customer and financial data for security, privacy, and compliance objectives.

    "Imperva has enabled us to regain visibility and control over our sensitive information. Data owners now have the right tools to quickly review and confirm file permissions, usage, and content so Pelephone can provide business need-to-know information access."

    Yoni Elias, Chief Security Officer, Pelephone

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  • TechSoup Global

    TechSoup Global
    Hear how Richard Collins from TechSoup Global is using Imperva SecureSphere WAF and DAM solutions. He discusses key drivers such as sensitive data protection, securing mission-critical servers, addressing partner concerns over data security from Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit (which require their partners to have strong data security solutions), and addressing PCI.

    Richard also discusses how WAF can be used as a unifying technology that brings together development and operations teams. Finally he explains why he chose Imperva SecureSphere above competitors, and how Imperva offers the best solution for TechSoup Global by providing a superior: user interface, policy management system, profiling and learning capability, architecture flexibility, and ability to integrate database and Web application protection through a single solution.

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  • TicketNetwork

    Over 7.5 million tickets are offered on TicketNetwork's online ticket exchange every day. To protect its popular Website and address PCI compliance, TicketNetwork trusts Imperva SecureSphere. TicketNetwork chose Imperva because of SecureSphere's high performance, its ease-of-management, and its reputation-based security provided by ThreatRadar.

    "Imperva's WAF is the final layer, and, unlike code analysis or pen testing, the WAF is always on and covers everything–custom built or third party."

    Jeff Mathena, VP of Information Technology, TicketNetwork

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  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    This Case Study describes how Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan’s top national science and technology university, deploys SecureSphere Web Application Firewall to enhance and simplify operations, reducing the security team’s workload, while ensuring that the content of the 400 websites are fully protected.

    "The SecureSphere Web Application Firewall fully protects the content of our websites and the alerts provide detailed updates regarding the current firewall status that contribute greatly to Tokyo Tech's security measures."

    Professor Masahiko Tomoishi, Global Scientific Information & Computing Center

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  • Triton Digital

    Triton Digital
    Imperva Incapsula was chosen by Triton Digital, a leading technology provider for the audio industry, to provide industry-leading protection and stability for its Audience Management Platform. Combining a robust network security suite with industry-acclaimed traffic inspection solutions, Incapsula provides Triton Digital with comprehensive website and application protection and optimization.

    Video: Triton Digital Case Study

    "We host thousands of domains on our platform, so scalability, security and availability are crucial to our business," said Bob Glassley, Director of Technology Systems and Support at Triton Digital. "Upon the deployment of Incapsula, we saw an increase in security and performance with no latency in user experience. They truly proved themselves within days of the implementation, handling the peak traffic on our client websites during the Billboard Music Awards without a hitch."

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  • Walla! Shops

    Walla! Shops
    This Case Study describes how Walla! Shops has deployed Imperva SecureSphere to satisfy PCI DSS 6.6 requirement for application security of its eCommerce site.

    "As our business continues to grow with more and more credit cards being processed, we must have a solution in place to prevent this critical data from being stolen. "

    Uri Laish, Vice President, R&D at Walla! Shops

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