Protect patient healthcare data from hackers and insider threats

The U.S. healthcare industry in now a prime target of the cybercrime industry. A single patient record is worth 10 times more than a stolen credit card number. Given the value of healthcare related personally identifiable information (PII), it is no wonder that security incidents have soared by 60 percent and the cost of healthcare breaches have jumped by 282 percent. Protecting patient healthcare data stored in the cloud and on-premises against both hackers and malicious insiders – as well as meeting HIPAA and PCI compliance – is now a boardroom imperative across the healthcare industry.

As a leading provider of data and application security solutions, Imperva helps healthcare organizations around the world protect their data and business-critical infrastructure as well as satisfy regulatory compliance.

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Key Solutions

  • Stop DDoS Attacks

    Your healthcare institution’s public website and web services are critical business channels. Customers expect access to patient portals, healthcare information exchanges (HIE), and other critical customer service applications. It is vital that your website is always available – and protected against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Imperva industry leading DDoS protection provides always-on, cloud-based DDoS security that automatically detects and mitigates all types of DDoS attacks.

  • Protect Web Applications

    Patient portals and health information exchanges (HIE) are revolutionizing communication between patients and providers. These Internet accessible websites represent a vulnerable entry point for hackers. Imperva Web Application Security solutions enable you to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data where it’s accessed – your web applications – securing them against web attacks, DDoS, site scraping, and fraud.

  • Safeguard Patient Healthcare Data

    If your health care organization collects and processes data, you face two major challenges: how to meet data compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI, and how to effectively protect patient health care records and financial data from hackers and inside threats. Imperva Data Security solutions help you safeguard your sensitive data across a broad range data stores – in the cloud or on premises.

  • Mitigate Insider Threats

    Insider Threats are the greatest threat to the security of patient health care data. Employees, contractors, consultants and vendors must have legitimate access to sensitive and valuable data stored in enterprise databases, file shares and SaaS applications to perform their job duties. However, when insiders abuse this access, or when insiders are exploited by outside attackers, enterprise data is exposed. Detection and containment of insider threats requires an expert understanding of both users and how they use enterprise data. Imperva Breach Prevention solutions help you identify and contain insider threats.

  • Regulatory and Compliance

    Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge for healthcare organizations. Data protection and privacy requirements are found within a broad set of regulations and mandates for HIPAA, PCI, and FDA. Add to this the fact that your regulated data often lives in multiple data repositories distributed across multiple locations. Imperva DataFileWeb Application and Cloud Security solutions help you streamline the audit and reporting process and more easily demonstrate compliance.