Protect critical financial applications and sensitive customer data against cyber-attacks and internal threats

Cyber attacks against the financial services industry are increasingly sophisticated and frequent. With 45% of financial services firms experiencing between one and five breaches in the past year, cyber security for financial services is an imperative. As financial institutions shift to digital channels like online banking and mobile transactions, the attack surface grows. In addition to being in the crosshairs of cyber attacks, financial services firms face a growing number of stringent industry and government regulations such as PCI, SOX, MAS-TRM and the EU GDPR. These data protection and privacy mandates increase regulatory compliance costs and risks.

As a leading provider of data and application security solutions, Imperva helps financial services customers around the world protect their data and business-critical infrastructure as well as satisfy regulatory compliance.

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Key Solutions

  • Stop DDoS Attacks

    Your financial institution’s public website is a critical business channel. Customers demand the ability to make transactions, open accounts or apply for loans online via your website. It’s vital that your website is always available – and protected against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Industry leading DDoS protection from Imperva provides always-on, cloud-based DDoS security that automatically detects and mitigates all types of DDoS attacks.

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  • Protect Web Applications

    Your financial services firm’s web applications—online banking, credit card payment or online brokerage—are under attack. These web applications are popular targets because they lead to your data, which attackers can monetize. Cyber criminals use a number of attack vectors, including application vulnerability attacks and compromising user credentials. Industry leading Web Application Security solutions from Imperva help you protect your data where it’s accessed – your web applications – preventing exploitation of application vulnerabilities and stopping account takeover attacks before fraudulent transactions occur.

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  • Safeguard Customer and Financial Data

    Data is the lifeblood of your financial services organization. Your institution collects, stores and processes volumes of personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data and financial transactions. Protecting this data is essential to maintain customer trust and protect your financial institutions reputation. Imperva Data Security solutions help you safeguard your sensitive data across a broad range of data stores – in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Mitigate Insider Threats

    Malicious, careless and compromised users are the greatest risk to your financial institution. These employees, contractors and partners are already inside your secure perimeter and have legitimate access to your sensitive data and IT systems. When these insiders abuse their privileged access or are compromised by external attackers, your enterprise data is exposed. Imperva Breach Prevention solutions help you identify and contain insider threats.

  • Compliance. Simplified.

    Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge for your financial institution. Data protection and privacy requirements are found within a broad set of regulations and mandates, including PCI, SOX, GLBA, MAS-TRM and the new EU GDPR. Add to this the fact that your regulated data often lives in multiple data repositories distributed across multiple countries. Imperva Data, File, Web Application and Cloud Security solutions help you streamline the audit and reporting process and more easily demonstrate compliance.

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