Data Breach Prevention

People are your weakest link. Your security teams are swamped with alerts. Don’t waste time wading through log data, focus on data breach protection. Imperva detects and blocks insider and external threats to enterprise data using machine learning technology.

Protect data from compromised, careless and malicious insiders

There are different types of security breach. The people on your payroll are your biggest risk. They need access to data to do their jobs. But from careless clicks, to compromised credentials and devices, to malicious intent – users with legitimate access expose your data to breaches every day. Imperva protects your sensitive data.

Uncover your riskiest users

Most employees have access to data. It’s what they do with it that matters. Use machine learning to profile user behavior and identify users and the activities they perform that pose a risk.

Get control over who’s accessing your data

Just because they can access it, doesn’t mean they should. Find out who’s touching your data and respond immediately to unusual behaviors.

Automatically detect risky behavior

Stop breaches before they happen. Imperva learns both users’ behaviors and how they interact with data, and identifies the specific activities that deviate from the norm.

Let machine learning do the heavy lifting

Don’t waste time and money wading through endless log data. Imperva machine learning technology cuts through the noise and sends only meaningful incidents to your SIEM so you can focus on actual threats.

How Imperva Breach Prevention Keeps Data Secure

Breach prevention exposes threats

Exposes insider threats

To detect and contain data breaches, you need to know who is accessing your data, why, and when. If they’re not supposed to, you need to respond fast. CounterBreach integrates with Imperva SecureSphere to pinpoint critical anomalies that let you know if someone’s getting into your data in file servers and databases.

Continually monitor to prevent breaches

Continually monitors what they’re doing

Imperva is always watching user behavior. On-premises and in the cloud. SecureSphere shows you who’s accessing database and file servers, and lets you know when something’s suspicious.

Data Breach Prevention - Discern different from wrong

Discerns the different from the wrong

Just because someone does something different, doesn’t mean they did something wrong. Based on the granular log data from SecureSphere, CounterBreach develops a behavioral baseline of typical user data access behavior and detects deviations from the norm. CounterBreach flags these incidents for immediate investigation.

Keeps your data where it’s supposed to be

With Imperva breach protection, you’ll identify dangerous access to your data, quarantine risky users, and contain potential data leaks before they become major breaches. Your business and your customers will thank you. Use CounterBreach with SecureSphere to keep your data secure and your security team working effectively.



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Secure Your Data From the Inside Out

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