Improve SharePoint Security and Protect Sensitive Data

SecureSphere for SharePoint Specifications

  • Microsoft SharePoint provides easy access to business-critical data through intranet, extranet, and public-facing applications. So when that information is sensitive or regulated, SharePoint security is a major concern. Imperva SecureSphere for SharePoint is designed specifically to protect your business-critical SharePoint data, and how it’s accessed—through SharePoint Web applications. As a result, SecureSphere gives you the highest level of visibility into access to SharePoint data and accelerates time-to-compliance.

    Key Capabilities

    • The Industry’s Only Solution That Stops Unwanted SharePoint Access

      Immediately respond to suspicious access activity by generating alerts, or in certain situations, blocking access completely. Your sensitive files are safe with SecureSphere for SharePoint, the only security technology that can stop unwanted access to files stored in SharePoint.

    • Stop Attacks on Web-Facing Apps

      Defend your SharePoint Web applications from online attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting. SecureSphere protects SharePoint sites with the industry-leading Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall technology. Rest assured that your web defenses are up to date with the latest threat intelligence from the Imperva Defense Center.

    • Achieve Clean, Clear SharePoint Auditing and Reporting

      Speed up your security investigations and demonstrate strict compliance with visibility into activity occurring throughout your SharePoint environment. With SecureSphere, you can achieve detailed SharePoint auditing from the front-end Web server to the back-end SharePoint database. Summarize your audit data with flexible SharePoint reporting tools.

    • Easily Monitor Privileged Users

      Simplify SharePoint security by maintaining a record of all SharePoint permissions and privileged user access to your SQL database. SecureSphere ensures that your SharePoint files, lists, and application data are fully protected from insider abuse or attackers moving laterally across the organization.

  • Specification Description
    SharePoint Versions Supported
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007, 2010, 2013
    Directory Services Supported
    • Microsoft Active Directory users and groups
    SharePoint Activity Audit
    • User name
    • Domain
    • Object name
    • Groups
    • Operation (add/remove/delete)
    • Object type
    • Source and Destination IP
    Data Classification
    Tamper-Proof Audit Trail
    • Audit trail stored in a tamper-proof repository
    • Optional encryption or digitally signing of audit data
    • Role based access controls to view audit data (read-only)
    • Real-time visibility of audit data
    Deployment Modes
    • Web traffic: Transparent Bridge (Layer 2), Reverse Proxy and Transparent Proxy (Layer 7), Non-inline sniffer
    • SharePoint content: lightweight agents
    • SharePoint database: lightweight agents
    • Web User Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
    • Command Line Interface (SSH/Console)
    • MX Server for centralized management
    Events and Reporting
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