• Comprehensive Cloud Security

    If you're moving critical applications and data to the cloud, chances are you are concerned about security. The comprehensive Imperva cyber security portfolio extends across the cloud to provide unmatched protection for the gaps that can be introduced by the adoption of cloud applications.

    • As organizations adopt cloud computing, critical applications and data assets move to the cloud in different ways. And just as the cloud extends the concept of the data center, we have extended our leading Imperva SecureSphere platform into the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for cloud security.

      For externally facing production applications many organizations are leveraging the economies of scale that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers offer to realize significant cost savings. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the public IaaS platforms most customers use today. For these customers, SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure allows them to move their applications without sacrificing security.

      Finally, some organizations prefer a SaaS model for Web security (or Web application firewall delivery). Imperva Incapsula directly meets that need with an application-aware global data center network that provides cloud security as well as DDoS protection.

    • Incapsula

      Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery service that makes websites safer, faster and more reliable.

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    • SecureSphere Cloud Security for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

      SecureSphere for AWS delivers all of the benefits of the renowned SecureSphere Web Application Firewall—stopping Web attacks and preventing costly data breaches and downtime—while natively leveraging important AWS-specific features like VPC, CloudFormation, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudWatch, and available on-demand pricing. SecureSphere is also available on AWS GovCloud, to enable government organizations to quickly and easily migrate workloads to a protected cloud environment.

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    • SecureSphere Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure

      SecureSphere for Azure protects business-critical applications hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud from advanced web attacks and audits/monitors access to sensitive data in Azure. SecureSphere for Azure leverages built-in features in Azure Resource Manager to streamline scalability and disaster recovery in the cloud. In addition, SecureSphere Deployment Kit for Azure Security Center streamlines provisioning and monitoring multiple WAFs on Azure.

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