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Data Center Security Solutions

Evolve Your Strategy: Cover Your Assets

94% of compromised data involves servers—yet amazingly, only 5% of today's security budget directly addresses the serious vulnerability of the data center itself. Many companies' most valuable data assets are left dangerously exposed to increasingly sophisticated attacks. It's not surprising that high-profile data breaches are becoming more frequent and more costly.

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Unfortunately, traditional endpoint and network security solutions—and even so-called "next generation" solutions—were not designed to protect against today's most dangerous threats or insider abuse. A security strategy that just adds more of the same familiar protection won't solve these serious problems.

There is a clear need for a third pillar of enterprise defense, and Imperva delivers this.

Data Center Security Solutions

The Imperva solution adds a vital layer of protection around the high-value applications and data assets in physical or virtual data centers. The solution covers three key aspects. It enables the organization to secure sensitive data stored in databases or on file servers; it protects business applications against organized attacks; and it greatly streamlines the complex process of regulatory compliance.

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