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Solutions by Industry

Tailored Solutions for Unique Industry Needs

Imperva understands that different industries have different, and sometimes unique, security and compliance challenges. We provide tailored solutions to meet those needs, all based on a common platform that provides consistent protection for high-value applications and data assets.


Energy Imperva helps utilities and oil and gas companies tackle a growing number of regulations and heightened security demands, while increasing customer satisfaction.
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Financial Services

Financial Services We help these companies reduce the risk of a data breach or internal abuse while meeting multiple compliance regulations, such as SOX, JSOX, GLBA, MAS TRM, and BASEL II.
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Government: Federal

Federal We protect the sensitive data in U.S. Government and military databases, file servers, and web applications, which is such a prized target for today’s hackers and malicious insiders.
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Government: State and Local

State and Local Government Imperva helps defend sensitive personal information in databases, files and web applications upon which effective state and local government services rely.
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Healthcare With the rapid growth of digital healthcare information, and information sharing portals, we enable healthcare providers to secure Protected Healthcare Information in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and beyond.
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Higher Education

Higher Education Databases, file servers, and web apps in universities and colleges contain highly sensitive data. We protect this information against unauthorized access and cyber-attacks.
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Insurance Our solutions safeguard confidential records in insurance data centers, and satisfy compliance regulations for a dramatically improved enterprise security posture.
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Retail and E-commerce

Retail and E-commerce Imperva solutions provide drop-in deployment and high performance, while addressing high-level PCI DSS requirements. They are ideal for securing retail applications and data.
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Industry Highlights
Applications and data are the main focus of modern cyberattacks. However, existing identity, endpoint and network security solutions are insufficient for their protection.

Application Security Road Map Beyond 2012: Breaking Silos, Increasing Intelligence, Enabling Mass Adoption
Gartner, Inc., June 22, 2012