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Data Security

Beat the Odds by Protecting Your Data

Organizations are spending a lot of money and time trying to protect their most valuable data. Unfortunately, today’s anti-virus, intrusion prevention, and “next gen” firewall solutions do not provide the visibility and control over data usage that effective security demands. Lacking adequate control and visibility, organizations typically take over 400 days to discover they have been breached.

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As a result, many companies try to close the data protection gap with native auditing tools and manual processes. But this approach is expensive, non-scalable, and unable to establish credible separation of duties. All of this leads to understandable frustration.

Effective protection for high-value data in databases and files requires tools specifically designed for the task. It demands a solution that resides in the data center itself.

Imperva offers a comprehensive data audit and protection suite, including automated monitoring and controls for all databases and files. It prevents data theft, audits sensitive data and privileged users, strengthens data privacy, and manages user access rights. The solution integrates with a range of related data security products, saves time, and streamlines the complexities of regulatory compliance.

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