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Facing Reality: Top Database Security Trends

Enterprise database infrastructure is subject to an overwhelming range of threats. Securing databases and the data they host is challenging not only because of the volume of data spread across heterogeneous platforms, but also because of the increased sophistication and rising rate of database security threats. This paper reviews the top database security trends that IT managers and security teams struggle to keep up with, including: advanced persistent threat (APT), SQL injection, implementation of audit controls, database patch and configuration management, limiting users rights to data based on business need-to-know, abuse of legitimate data access privileges, and cloud security.

Tags: Database Security, Trends, Advanced Persistent Threat, SQL Injection

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Security Trends for 2011

Imperva's Application Defense Center (ADC), led by Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman, is exclusively focused on advancing the practice of data security to help companies shield themselves from the threat of hackers and insiders. In 2010, the ADC successfully predicted many of the key issues that would plague security teams in 2010 and beyond. For 2011, the ADC has assembled its most comprehensive set of predictions.

Tags: Business Case, Database Security, File Security, Web Application Security, ROSI, Trends

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Top 6 Security Trends for 2009

Based on the research conducted by Imperva's Application Defense Center (ADC), this report identifies the security trends that are most likely to cause the greatest impact on organizations in 2009. Combining the detailed information collected in the past year with ongoing research efforts, the ADC has made predictions on the top six trends that will affect security organizations in the upcoming year.

Tags: ADC, Security Trends

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