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An Inside Track on Insider Threats

How do leading companies mitigate the invisible problem of rogue insiders? Imperva analyzed dozens of companies to understand some of the commonly deployed practices across human resources, legal and technology to stop malicious insiders from taking data and intellectual property. Specifically, we identify nine practices top enterprises have found the most useful to control the leakage of digital assets. Pinpointing the source and scope of data theft is often hard to quantify, especially since your largest internal threat may actually be one of your most loyal employees. This research presents the findings of the first-ever global insider threat study that catalogs common practices used by leading organizations across numerous verticals.

Tags: Insider Threat, File Security, File Monitoring, File Auditing

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Six Techniques for Mitigating Insider Threats

How do you protect business data from trusted individuals who choose to abuse their privileges for personal or financial gain? And, what about users whose computers or personal devices have been compromised by malware, giving hackers access to your sensitive business data? Start by asking yourself the six questions in this whitepaper to help your organization determine if you've got insider threats under control.

Tags: Data Security, Insider Threats, SOX, PCI, Database Activity Monitoring

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Advanced Persistent Threat - Are You the Next Target?

Security researchers have been talking about advanced persistent threat (APT) for some time. Recently, we have seen a steep increase in the number of organizations hit by this type of attack. Initially, researchers thought APTs were mostly aimed at government agencies or political targets, but the latest attacks on enterprises suggest that APTs are not confined to a specific type of organization or sector.

Tags: Data Security, Insider Threats, Advanced Persistent Threat, APT, User Rights Management, Risk Management

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Five Signs Your File Data is at Risk

Persistent insider threats and regulatory compliance mandates make protecting sensitive file data a business requirement for virtually every organization. However, the sheer volume of file data and its rapid and continuous growth make it a challenge to secure properly. This whitepaper reviews the five questions to help you assess your file security posture. If you aren't able to answer these five questions confidently, your file data is probably at risk.

Tags: File Security, Compliance, Threats, Insider Threat, Unstructured Data, Data, File Activity Monitoring

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Top 10 Guide for Protecting Sensitive Data from Malicious Insiders

For years, organizations have worked diligently to lock down their perimeters only to find out that the most devastating enemy is already inside.

Insider threats, both careless and malicious, abound. This fact is amplified during difficult economic times. With a plethora of digitized information, and vehicles for turning credit card data, personally identifiable information and intellectual property into cash, goods, and other services, risks have increased. It's no wonder that we're hearing about a growing number of attacks where the target is sensitive data, and the perpetrators are those with evaluated levels of trust and access: insiders. This guide will explore the top ten ways to protect sensitive data from the very people that need access to it. While this is a difficult problem to address, it is not impossible -- especially when leveraging the right tools.

Tags: Insider Threat, Threats, Sensitive Data Protection, Database Security, Data Security

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The Anatomy of an Insider: Bad Guys Don't Always Wear Black

Sensitive data protection is essential to any effective security or compliance strategy. Purpose-built data security solutions can prevent, detect, and continually audit how users, including privileged users interact with sensitive data. Visibility into ordinary users and privileged users in terms of their interactions with mission-critical applications and databases gives organizations the ability to effectively mitigate insider threats.

Tags: Insider Threat, Privileged User Monitoring, Sensitive Data Protection, Threats

Selected Tag: Insider Threat | Show All

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