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An Inside Track on Insider Threats

How do leading companies mitigate the invisible problem of rogue insiders? Imperva analyzed dozens of companies to understand some of the commonly deployed practices across human resources, legal and technology to stop malicious insiders from taking data and intellectual property. Specifically, we identify nine practices top enterprises have found the most useful to control the leakage of digital assets. Pinpointing the source and scope of data theft is often hard to quantify, especially since your largest internal threat may actually be one of your most loyal employees. This research presents the findings of the first-ever global insider threat study that catalogs common practices used by leading organizations across numerous verticals.

Tags: Insider Threat, File Security, File Monitoring, File Auditing

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How to Secure Your SharePoint Deployment

This paper presents five best practices for securing your SharePoint environment. It discusses how SecureSphere for SharePoint can help organizations get the most out of SharePoint's existing permissions system, and fill some of SharePoint's security gaps.

Tags: SharePoint, File Security, Compliance, Auditing, Unstructured Data, Data Security

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Cutting IT Operations Costs for Unstructured Data

Market analysts estimate that 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured and that unstructured data will grow tenfold in the next five years. Crushed under the weight of these files are the IT organizations tasked with managing and securing them. Operationally, it's nearly impossible to keep track of who is creating all of these business documents, who owns them, and who can - and is - accessing them.

Tags: File Security, Data Security, Unstructured Data, IT, ROI

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10 Building Blocks for Securing File Data

Three fundamental capabilities are lacking in most organizations:
  1. Operationally efficient file activity monitoring and auditing
  2. Scalable user rights management for files
  3. Automated business policy enforcement for file data
These three capabilities are core components of the emerging File Activity Monitoring market, and form the basis of a phased approach to file security. This guide describes ten phases for securing file data, including how and when to use these basic capabilities, as well as when to deploy other complementary technologies.

Tags: File Security, Security Policies, File Monitoring, File Auditing

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Security Trends for 2011

Imperva's Application Defense Center (ADC), led by Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman, is exclusively focused on advancing the practice of data security to help companies shield themselves from the threat of hackers and insiders. In 2010, the ADC successfully predicted many of the key issues that would plague security teams in 2010 and beyond. For 2011, the ADC has assembled its most comprehensive set of predictions.

Tags: Business Case, Database Security, File Security, Web Application Security, ROSI, Trends

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The Business Case for Data Security (Database, File, and Web Security)

The growing costs of security breaches and manual compliance efforts have given rise to new data security solutions specifically designed to prevent data breaches and deliver automated compliance. This paper examines the drivers for adopting a strategic approach to data security, compares and contrasts current approaches, and presents the Return on Security Investment (ROSI) of viable data security solutions.

Tags: Business Case, Database Security, File Security, Web Application Security, ROSI

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Five Signs Your File Data is at Risk

Persistent insider threats and regulatory compliance mandates make protecting sensitive file data a business requirement for virtually every organization. However, the sheer volume of file data and its rapid and continuous growth make it a challenge to secure properly. This whitepaper reviews the five questions to help you assess your file security posture. If you aren't able to answer these five questions confidently, your file data is probably at risk.

Tags: File Security, Compliance, Threats, Insider Threat, Unstructured Data, Data, File Activity Monitoring

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